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Want to build a presence in the online world? You need a HTML programmer!

Do you want to construct an Intranet system for your company to streamline working practices and communication between workers in your company? Is your Internet portal in need of further revision or development? Perhaps you need a database to be devised or you want to create a newsletter in HTML to stay in constant communication with your customers? All of these tasks would need the expert services of a HTML programmer in order to ensure their successful development and implementation. The HTML programming language if the leading mark-up language for the programming of web pages and HTML is considered by many to constitute the building-blocks of the internet and can be found on all websites. But whilst HTMLor even PHP is widely used, the language needs to be expertly applied if you wish to undertake a project such as creating a website, and through twago you will find many thousands of HTML programmers who can take care of your HTML concerns.

Finding a HTML Programmer with twago

Time equals money. However if you need to set about creating a website or intranet system and have no idea of how to utilise HTML then to get the best quality results fast it is absolutely vital that you employ an expert to undertake your HTML needs. The twago platform offers you access to thousands of qualified experts in HTML, and the safety of your project can be vouched for by the fact that every HTML programmer on twago is verified and certified, thus ensuring the quality of their work. To find your HTML programmer here’s how the process works;

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  • Enjoy your new dynamic web pages and websites!

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HTML Programmer: The strengths of HTML


The term “HTML” stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it primarily serves as a text-based markup language that formats text and words into a readable format for web browsers. To turn text and words into a readable format on web pages, then HTML (which consists of so-called “tags”) is used. Thus, the core of HTML programming does not revolve around actual serious programming because the language is simply written. Nevertheless, whilst web design and programming work involves a combination of programming languages including PHP, CSS and JavaScript, the basic structure of a page will always be written using HTML commands.


HTML is predominantly used to display content but can deliver a degree of interactivity to a page such as allowing for the inclusion of links. If you intend to include links that are internal (to other pages on your site) or external (to other websites), then you will need to use HTML to create these links. Thus, a HTML programmer can utilise relatively simple commands to open up your site to the world. Moreover, a HTML programmer can use HTML tags to create large headlines to separate our your text or make words appear in bold or italics if you wish to emphasize certain words or phrases to the visitor to your webpage.

The qualifications of an expert HTML Programmer

Apart from the key attributes that every worker should have which include hard-work, attention to detail and years of experience, a specific knowledge in these areas must be had by your HTML programmer;

  • Extensive knowledge of the PHP, JavaScript and (naturally) HTML programming languages
  • Experience with MySQL, CSS and Ajax
  • Knowledge in the syntax differences between HTML and XHTML including the differences in the writing of tags
  • Further experience with web design, media design and a general back ground in IT a must

HTML Programmer: Using Dynamic HTML for your website

Dynamic HTML” is a broad term used to describe the combination of HTML scripting language with other programs and languages such as CSS to develop and create interactive and creative web sites. With dynamic HTML practices you can develop images, animations and other applications for your web pages. Moreover, with dynamic HTML you can improve the usability of your website by including drop-down menus or even include such features as a news ticker or an update of stock information onto your web pages. If you want to incorporate features such as these onto your website then it is crucial that you find a HTML programmer on twago who is also a master of dynamic HTML.

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