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Want to create a website or need server-side scripting services? Then a PHP Developer is what you need!

PHP is the world’s most used server-side scripting language that is perfectly suited for the task of web development. Whilst HTML is the grounding for all websites, it is the PHP programming language that really brings your web pages to life. With PHP you can handle many different databases (such as MySql) process text, undertake server-side scripting, create command-line scripting and even create desktop applications. In short, if your goal is to program a dynamic website of desktop application then finding an experienced PHP developer should be your number one priority.

Finding a PHP Developer with twago

Whilst the PHP programming language has much to offer you in terms of programming and web development

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  • Use secure payment procedures offered by twago such as our Escrow system, to conclude payment easily and securely.
  • Leave feedback on how it was to work with your PHP programmer – this will guide future customers in the future
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PHP Developer: The PHP programming language

In short, PHP is an HTML embedded, server-sided scripting language used to create dynamic web pages and websites. This means that PHP can collect data, generate images and even create applications such as calendars which can be integrated onto your site, thereby improving the visitor’s experience when using your site. Similar in syntax to languages such as the C program or Perl, the language allows for a PHP developer to create quality pages at a fast rate as the language is HTML ready so to speak which speeds up the time web browsers can “read” the page. PHP is open source and available to download for free. Moreover, having been constantly improved and developed since its initial conception, PHP has fast become one of the most widely used languages in the world, estimated to be installed on at least 2,500,000 web site domains. Therefore, if your PHP expert ever runs into difficulty they will be assured to find a large amount of forums and guides aimed at solving any bugs that might occur.

The applications possible for your PHP Developer

The PHP language is robust, and there are a multitude of applications available to be developed by your PHP developer, some of the core features of PHP are;

  • The ability to perform server-side scripting commands at will. These functions relate to how the server interprets a user’s request with regards to the creation of dynamic web content and applications such as a calendar for your website. Furthermore, if you want to create a welcome message that displays the time to any visitor to your website, then the PHP developer can use PHP to perform this task. For a more comprehensive list of information please read this PHP application web page.
  • Command-line scripting: This is where commands can be written with PHP that enable the PHP developer to automatically perform tasks such as the formatting and delivery of a newsletter email to thousands of recipients through the development of a command-line application. This can be done without having to manually format the newsletter in normal PHP web scripting which can take the PHP expert a long time to complete.
  • For the advanced PHP developer, the ability to create desktop applications with PHP such as a calculator is also possible with the PHP-GTK program

PHP Developer: The proven success of PHP

It is estimated that PHP has been used to develop 75% of all websites and sites such as Facebook, Wordpress and Wikipedia are all run using the programming language. Moreover, various Content Management Systems including Joomla and Drupal also owe their existence to the PHP language. The type of website that you wish to create is of course up to you, but by discussing your plans with the PHP developer thoroughly, it will soon become apparent that with PHP, the programmer will be able to build you a robust, versatile site that is usable, interactive and attractive to the visitor. The twago platform offers you access to thousands of PHP developer experts from across the globe, so why not experience the cost-effectiveness of hiring a qualified freelancer from a developing country to get your website development plans off the ground!

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