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Searching for a top SEM expert to kick-start your online marketing efforts?

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    Private customers as well as companies have the possibility via twago to post their SEM project online easily and without complications
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SEM : The key to your website success

With passion and ingenuity it is possible for anyone to set about creating their own website. However, to achieve success for your website and reach many people, having a good idea for a website is only one part of the puzzle. Search engine marketing (SEM) is the key to making your website stand out from the crowd. SEM refers to both search engine optimization (where your website is optimized in content, layout and structure to attract the attention of search engine and subsequently rank higher within search results, and also to the direct use of search engine for advertising purposes. With an expert use of SEO and SEM your website will rank higher on Google search results and thus be found and visited by more customers, which leads to your success. If the concept of SEM is unfamiliar to you however, then here at twago you will find an ample amount of experts who are ready to assist you and bring success to your SEM efforts.

SEM: Finding the perfect expert with twago

For all of your SEM needs you can find a suitable expert safely, securely and most important of all quickly with twago. Simply register, and upload the scope of your SEM needs and wishes. Then hundreds of the best and verified experts in SEM will contact you offering their expertise and services. That’s it! These few steps are all that you need to undertake to find an enthusiastic, qualified expert in SEM who can best optimize and advertise your website to achieve successful search ranking results.

Register now and upload your SEM project for free!

SEM: Successful project description

In order to find the best SEM expert to best position your website on search engines like Google, it is absolutely vital that you describe the scope and details of your project accurately when uploading it to the twago platform. For instance;

  • What is the nature of your website? – Do you need an SEM expert with experience in marketing a business website, fashion website or sports website?
  • The need for SEO experience? – Search engine optimization (which includes the use of most-searched keywords, expert layout of content and creating back-links to your website around the internet), is vital to the successful positioning of your website. If you do not how to do this you must make this a key requirement for your project!
  • In addition to the need for SEO experience, how about a knowledge of programming? To optimize your website effectively an amount of programming knowledge including HTML and PHP will be needed.
  • Direct SEM? Do you need an expert who is qualified to identify how best to undertake paid advertising on search engines? – For example if your website is an online shoe store then your expert must know which keywords best to advertise with. – This requires in-depth knowledge of the Google Adwords system

How to select your SEM expert:

Once your project has been uploaded to the twago platform and you start receiving offers from SEM freelancers you will need to select which one best suits your project. Here are some key factors which you must consider;

  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Example of previous work/customer feedback: This shows if the strength of their work matches their qualifications
  • Languages: Is a knowledge of English good enough, or do you need a multi-lingual expert to effectively carry out SEM of your website in a specific country market?
  • Cost: Opting for an expensive SEM expert may ensure the quality of your results, but may blow your budget right out of the water

So what are you waiting for? Your website is not going attract visitors and bring financial success to you unless you acquire the services of a top-notch SEM pro!

Get your SEM project underway!