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SEO Service – What is it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and in a nutshell, refers to the efforts needed to enable a website or individual web pages to rank highly within Google search engine results. Ranking highly within these results will ensure that customers visit your website and are much more likely to purchase your service or enter into business with you. The goal of any good SEO related service is to optimize the content of your website, and create links to the website around the internet. This dual strategy will ensure the high ranking of your site. The twago platform offers you access to a large array of experts who can provide you with a comprehensive and quality service.

Finding great SEO Service with twago

The twago platform offers you the perfect opportunity to find expert SEO service. Simply register with us today, for free, and upload the details of your website and project. If you are intending to find an expert to create a successful SEO strategy for your online shopping website then you won’t be disappointed with twago. Once your project is uploaded onto the platform hundreds of the best and verified SEO experts will contact you and bring their expert service to the optimization of your website!

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SEO Service: The skills your expert must possess

In order to ensure that a successful SEO strategy can improve the ranking of your website, it is vital that your chosen freelancer provides quality SEO service in all of these areas;

  • Onpage Optimization: The optimization and use of keywords on your site and the improvement of the layout and structure of your website
  • OffPage optimization: The collection of backlinks (to your website) which are placed on quality websites around the web. The more quality and trusted links that link back to your site, the higher your website will rank on Google
  • Programming knowledge: To best implement the SEO service optimization of your website
  • Marketing knowledge: To develop affiliate links and create partnerships between your site and other sites, which in turn improves the ranking of your website
  • A skill for social media to spread the word of your website