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English Spanish: Find success with an experienced and eager translator

Spanish is a truly global language and after English and Chinese it is the third most widely spoken language and second largest mother-tongue language with nearly 400 million native speakers. Spanish is one of the 6 working languages of the UN and has become a key trading language due to its prominence in South America, Central and Northern America along with Spain itself. Therefore it is vital that you find an expert translator who can provide professional standard translations no matter what subject the translation is based upon to ensure your successful entry into the Spanish speaking market.

English Spanish: Find the perfect translator with twago

The twago platform offers you an exciting opportunity to find an experienced, skilled and quality translator. By using twago you can avoid having to undertake lengthy research and spend costs on advertising to locate the right translator. Simply join twago today, and you can upload (for free) the details and outline of your English to Spanish translation project on our platform. Then, hundreds of the best and verified English Spanish translators can view your translation project and offer their translation services to you. You can view the reviews, references and qualifications of the English Spanish translators at any time to make a fully-informed and safe decision on which translator to go for.

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English Spanish Translator: How to outline the translation project for best results

To outline your English to Spanish translation project accurately and attract quality offers follow these key points,

  • Step 1: Language and Format: Specify the source language and the target language. In addition if you wish the translation to be aimed at a particular Spanish speaking country then make this clear to the translator. Furthermore, specify if the text should be written simply with Word, or if it should be formatted in a certain way (with HTML for example), or even in a Video format.
  • Step 2: Purpose and context of the English to Spanish translation: In this step you must detail the specific context and target group of the translation – be it technical, medical or social. This way you can attract offers from English Spanish translators who are skilled in the certain area in which you wish the English Spanish translation to be produced.
  • Step 3: Outline specific qualifications if needed: If the purpose of your English Spanish translation is for business purposes then it is of course of paramount importance that you hire an English Spanish translator who has a background knowledge of business terms. This is so receive a translation that is more accurate. The twago platform avoids complications in this regard as all of the English Spanish translators must provide references and qualifications therefore you can see very clearly which freelance English Spanish translator is right for your translation project.

English Spanish: Choosing the right translator

Once you have uploaded your English Spanish translation project, deciding which translator to award the translation project can be difficult, there are however key criteria which you should follow when deciding which English Spanish translator is right for you. Firstly, do you want an translator that lives in a Spanish-speaking country and is therefore exposed to the language every day? – Thereby increasing their translation skill level. Secondly, what is your proposed budget? Remember that not always is the most expensive English Spanish translator the best translator.

Lastly, it is possible to negotiate with the English Spanish translator on whether they will charge a fixed price, or if the price of the translation can vary according to the overall word count. Once you consider these criteria your decision will be much easier.

English Spanish Translator: Help and support

If you have any queries please consult our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) section, or if you need any further assistance then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support at support@twago.com