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How can xtCommerce deliver success to you

xtCommerce is a dynamic, efficient and the most popular choice for the development of webshops. With this program you can be sure to find success and make a profit with your webshop dreams. Secure payment systems, multiple operating languages and flexible yet durable applications make xtCommerce a joy to use. To get the best out of the xtCommerce system an development expert is needed, but with twago the search for such a freelance programmer has been made easy.

Find the right xtCommerce shop programmer with twago

For you to realise your dreams of creating a shop then simply use an online mediation platform such as twago to find the right expert for you. The freelancers availiable to you on twago have programming knowledge in PHP, Java, CSS Html and many other programming languages if your knowledge of xtCommerce is insufficient. Join twago, upload your project outline and select from the pool of candidates the most passionate, hard working, qualified programmer to help you visualise your shop dreams!

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Create xtCommerce shop – Advantages

The xtCommerce shop is the most successful shop creation programme online. This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the xtCommerce program is an Open-Source software which brings many diverse capabilities to the creation of your shop. Furthermore, if you use the latest version of xtCommerce (the xtCommerce Veyton) then there are no license fees because it is publically availiable through the a General Public License (GPL). The last advantage is that once the xtCommerce shop has been created the maintenance and updating of the programme is no longer tied to an advance knowledge of programming. Once you have created your xtCommerce shop, you can stand out from the competitors with your new professional and attractive online presence.

Create xtCommerce shop – Template-System

In contrast to the osCommerce system, xtCommerce provides a template system, which bears the name of Smarty. The Smarty template engine gives you the ability to link functionality with design in the creation of your xtCommerce shop. To this end, several modules can be installed in the software by the programmer when they are creating your xt commerce shop.

Technical support

The successful creation of your shop depends on how many articles of sufficient web space the system requires, especially in regards to the use of the open-source PHP scripting language as of version 4.1.3 in connection with the MySql database of version 3.23 xx. With sufficient knowledge of PHP then it would be possible for you to make changes and adjustments to your xtCommerce shop yourself.

Any number of categories can be formed with an xtCommerce shop - there is no limit. The template system provides for a professional division between layout and design. If you create a shop, you can equip the shop with a thorough of your corporate identity and company brand. For security reasons, the shipping and payment options can be adjusted at any time. Furthermore, if you want to provide security to your customers through the xtCommerce shop, then you can assure that the SSL/TSL connection is secure in your xtCommerce shop.

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