Urgent help needed: Wedding Photographer for today

Budget Range (EUR)
10,000 - 25,000 €
Submitted date
Apr 29, 2011
Required skills
Design & Media , Art Direction , Digital Photography , Others , Photography , Photoshop
Define more skills
Royal and Celebrity experienc
Wil***  - United Kingdom

Dear freelancers,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I urgently need a family Wedding Photographer in London for our wedding dinner tonight at 6pm. Our chief photographer and friend of the family Hugo has been confined to bed with a heavy cold.

Job Requirements:

Photographer MUST…

  • have proven experience in covering family weddings
  • NOT have a history of paparazzi work!
  • be able to deal with Royalty, WAGs, prima donnas and other celebrities
  • be able to work discretely and tactfully and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • bring his own camera and laptop equipment. Don’t forget your memory cards!
  • have sufficient experience with photo editing for selected family members
  • be familiar with modern social media things like uploading pictures to our Flickr-account or facebook.
  • be within travelling distance to London
  • conform to the dress code: uniform, morning coat or lounge suit. Bring enough tissues.

Further proceedings:

  • Bidding will close at 14.30
  • Photographer must be able to be at staff entrance at 16.00 sharp. Secret address will follow once we have chosen the photographer.
  • Dinner ceremony will commence with arrival of our guests at 18.00.

Note: I won’t be personally available to handle your open questions until 2pm. In urgent cases please contact my staff through @ClarenceHouse on twitter.com

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Project Type Fixed
Implementation Apr 29, 2011 - Apr 30, 2011
Clarification Board  9 contractors are following the project

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