1 year of twago – Berlin Based Start-Up Changes The World Of Working

Filed by team twago on September 15, 2010
  • Lack of skilled labour encourages growth
  • Hacker attack causes trouble

One year ago, the Internet start-up twago.de took up work. Today, 15 employees work at the twago office in central Berlin. A mere 12 months later, the marketplace for professional programmers, designers, and business experts has grown to be the largest project platform of international service providers for small and medium-sized businesses in Germany.

“We are happy that our model has been received so well by the medium-sized businesses,” Gunnar Berning, founder and CEO of twago, rejoices. The ongoing discussion about the lack of talents in Germany fuels this growth further. “Particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, who often have problems recruiting skilled employees, twago offers great opportunities,” Maria Lindinger, co-founder of twago, states.

Part of the experiences of this first year was a hacker attack in summer, which lasted for several days. For a short time, the attack brought down the servers. Even the State Office of Federal Investigation showed interest in the case, which confronted the young team with unexpected challenges. “We had to react very quickly and upgrade our servers,” explains co-founder Thomas Jajeh.

Apart from Germany, twago also operates in Italy and the UK. “Every month, our customers upload projects with a volume of 0.5 mill. EUR to the platform in order to profit from the access to over 200,000 experts,” explains Berning. “Every month, we grow approximately 40 %, which exceeds our expectations.” Particularly German programmers, iPad experts, and designers, which make up about a quarter of the service providers, are sought after by customers from within as well as outside of Germany.

twago itself shows how companies can make use of the advantages of virtual cooperation. “From the very beginning we have used our own concept with great success,” Berning explains. The company logo was developed on the Philippines, the design of the twago homepage in Germany, and a Siberian company of 100 professional developers takes care of the programming.

For the coming months, the team of founders has set 2 goals: achieving profitability and the international expansion to further European countries.

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