10 Insider Tips for a Successful Project Collaboration

Filed by team twago on March 23, 2016


Let the people who work at twago guide your project in the right direction …

It takes two to tango! For a successful project clients and freelancers have to work closely together to achieve their goal. So instead of you having to endlessly search the internet for the best answers, we have gathered 10 valuable pieces of advice from the people who have the real know-how: the members of the twago team.

The first insider tip comes from none other than twago’s Founder and CEO himself, Thomas Jajeh:

1. “Develop ideas and specifics for your project, through communication with various freelancers! Use the twago website to collect ideas and details for your project“ – Thomas Jajeh (twago CEO & Founder)


2. “Keep in mind that you are actually applying for a freelancer, reply as soon as possible to bids and messages, the time is limited on both sides, do not waste it!”– Joachim (twago Head of Development)

3. “Secure payment is very important! Talk to your client and use twago safePay, it insures security for both sides!”– Diana (twago Head of Customer Support)

4. “Write the project  description as detailed as possible! Only a detailed description will attract freelancers, it insures that the task is clear and it saves time!” – Robert  (twago System Administrator)

5. “Passion is the key to a successful project! Meet in person or via skype, develop the final idea together in order to share the passion for the work ahead!“ Davide (twago Product Manager)


6. “Write individual and detail bids related to the project description, do not copy and paste texts or translate them with tools like Google translate!” – Mathias (twago SEO Manager)

7.Communication is the key of a good relationship! Try to understand the needs of your client: Ask for more details and formulate your questions as specific as possible! “– Clara (twago Italian Community Manager & Freelancer)

8. “Clients are not experts in the field of the project they post! Remind your clients of important details they might have forgotten in their project description and explain what it takes from your side to make the project successful.” – Claudia (twago Customer Support)

9. “Plan your project and set deadlines! Monitor the process of the project and plan meetings for feedback and quality insurance!”– Stefan (twago Account Manager)

10. “Speak the same language! Especially in the European market it is essential that you are fluent in the language of the client to avoid misunderstandings!”– Verena (twago Performance Marketing Manager)


Whether you’re a client or a freelancer, keep these valuable tips in mind for your next project and you’ll be heading in the right direction!

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