Smells Like Green Spirit: 10 Earth Day Tips for Businesses

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Smells like Green Spririt

Happy Earth Day!

Every April 22 we celebrate Earth Day, the day when we pay tribute to our lovely blue, green and sadly each day more, brown friend. At this point you might be wondering “what does office work got to do with loving the planet?” And the answer is “A lot!” At twago we do not want this  day to be just  isolated,  we want to prove you that trough the right actions you can always make a change and homage our planet every single day! These are our 10 Earth Day tips for businesses! Make your office go Green!

1. Go Paperless!

Don’t scrunch your toilett paper, fold it! Use always the less amount of paper possible. Do a free paper day once a month! Remember paper is not made out of dreams!

2. Duplex Is Better Than Simplex!

In case you really have to print, do it always on both sides! That saves not only paper, but also ink and money!

3. Go Local!

Buy food from local providers and save local food production! Transportation costs are lower and less carbondioxide is pumped in the atmosphere.

4. Save Energy!

Don’t forget to turn off your computers and switch off the lights during breaks and after work! Exchange old light bulbs to energy-efficient ones.

5. Sharing is Caring!

Encourage your workers to use sustainable transportation, like car sharing and public transport! Pay for public transportation tickets or organise car sharing teams!

6. Go Freelance!

Freelancing is a green alternative to an office job! Allow your employees to work from home if possible, their carbon footprint will appreciate that!

7. Welcome to the Jungle!

Build a green environment around your office. Plants do not just get rid of harmful toxins, they also make the employees more focus and motivated.

8. What goes around comes around!

Reycling is the key! Use recycled paper and divide your employees into recycle teams.  At the end of the month award the team who collects the biggest amount with a free lunch at a green restaurant.

9. There is a Light that Never goes out!

Take advantage of natural light. The interior of an office is very important: Place desks close to windows, so that you only have to  switch on the lights if it is absolutely necessary.

10. Big numbers make changes!

Increase the awareness of workers for sustainability by showing them numbers for paper waste and the power consumption per month.

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