5 Things Freelancers Can Learn From Game Of Thrones

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As in the majority of the globe, in twago we are huge fans of Game of Thrones; the office is divided between Stark supporters, Lannisters defenders and Daenerys Targaryen followers, luckily, things have not got bloody around here… yet. Beyond who supports who, Game of Thrones has a lot to offer to freelancers, for this reason we have undertaken to analyze their main characters from a freelance perspective  and we came up with 5 valuable lessons from 5 Game of Thrones characters that will help you to be a successful freelance.

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1  Be up to date like Varys

Varys is the bleeding edge in King’s Landing ,we are waiting for the episode to come when he shows the Smartphone he has been hiding under his attire during all this time and that his little birds he’s always talking about are nothing but his Twitter followers. As a freelancer being update is crucial:  in terms of working tools, new offers or new freelance trends. Always remember how volatile the freelance environment is, there is always a new young generation pushing hard and the obsolescence can leave you completely out of the game. Take Varys as an example and use information as a powerful weapon.

2 Learn how to go through bad times like Sansa Stark

Choose Sansa’s picture you like best, print it and place it somewhere visible in your workplace. Do you remember for all this girl has been trough? If something positive have happened to her in life, we cannot remember it. Not everything in a freelance life is a bed of roses, inside a project you will have to face some uphill struggle, or you can find yourself in hard period to find the perfect project for you. Learn to manage with this these situations is vital in a freelance life and there is no better mirror in which you could look at yourself than Sansa Stark, getting these situations under control is an art and on that Sansa is Picasso.

3 Your reputation is always behind you, Jamie Lannister

Does not matter what Jamie Lannister achieves in the near future, he could kill 14 dragons with just his left hand or he could even become the first person from King’s Landing to walk on the moon but still he will be remembered as the Kingslayer. A freelance must always take account of his reputation, whether it be in the form of  user score, portfolio level or simply customer ratings. Sought always to treat well your clients and have a portfolio that matches your profile, remember, one simple mistake can accompany you forever, you can ask about that to Jamie Lannister.

4 Pursue your objectives like Arya Stark

Arya’s life is a roller coaster. She has been Lannisters maid, the Hound travel companion and now she is in Bravos doing some weird stuff; although one thing always remains the same, when the sun goes down, and as if it was a prayer to Anubis, Arya recites the list of people she would love to see bite the dust. As a freelance you can learn a lot from Arya Stark, the distractions or doubts that can be caused during a project can be infinite,and that’s why is really important keep always in mind the main goal.

5 Network like Daenerys Targaryen

The Queen of Dragons is the networking master in Game of Thrones, she built everything from the scratch, with  just a brother who was more a  hindrance than a support ,but after a series of good decisions and by meeting the right people she got the support of an entire legion. This is the age of networking, the amount and quantity of our social network is a major key for our success as a freelance,wether for finding new projects or just growing as a freelancer. Do not worry if you never find yourself being hailed for an entire city like Daenerys at the doors of Yunkai, unfortunately this barely happen.

Extra: Do never act like Joffrey Baratheon

It does not matter if you are a Stark, Lannister or Targaryen!

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