20 Best Productivity Apps To Get Work Done Quicker

Filed by team twago on May 31, 2016

Your time is priceless

There is nothing more valuable in life than time. Everybody knows that time is limited, hence we have to use it wisely. The overall picture of apps in public is that they are a simple pastime or even a time-waster. We often forgett that Apps have been created to save time and make our lives easier. Nowadays the amount of productivity apps on the market is overwhelming. In order to make it easier for you to find the most useful Apps (in our view), we created a list (in alphabetical order) of the 20 best productivity apps. Don’t waste any time and check out our picks!

1. 30/30

30/30 is a perfect tool for those who are easily distracted. The functioning (and interface) is very simple, basically you list a set of tasks you need to get done and assign the time you would like to spend working on them invidually. 30/30 will automatically tell you when you have to switch from one task to the other. As simple as useful!


2. 1Password

Ideal for saving all your passwords and precious information safely under one unique master password.

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3. Any.do

Any.do is an attractive and quick experience which helps you every morning to organise your entire day. Your best friend if you do not want to forget time and date of important events. From the wedding of your neighbour to the deadline of an important project, Any.do sincronizes your smartphone, desktop and web and reminds you at any time what is next on your schedule.

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 4. Asana

An indispensable App in terms of project and team management. Asana allows you to manage your project without using your email. Each team can create their own project containing various tasks and the tasks can be assigned to specific team members. Each individual can write notes, comments or check the process of the project.

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5. CamScanner

The best mobile document scanner on the market. Easy and useful, take a picture with your smartphone and then CamScanner and share it!

 iOS 1463602237_google_play Android  

6. Captio

A perfect tool for business trips, it automatically generates a report out of a picture of your bill or invoice which you can share with anyone you want. Forget about keeping your invoices or bills!

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7. Doodle

An extremely useful tool for finding the perfect day and time for meetings. Perfect for both important meetings or just a simple football match with your friends. How many times have you been trapped in a never-ending discussion, just to decide where to go for lunch with your friends? Stop the discussion and use Doodle!

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8. Dropbox

Dropbox has been a popular tool to save and share files for a long time. Its ability to save and share all types and sizes of files remains unique.

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9. EasilyDo

Possibly the best smart assistant you can find. It synchronizes your favourite Apps like Facebook, Evernote or Gmail under an attractive and simple interface. Easilydo will make your life easier.

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 10. Evernote

Just as Dropbox, Evernote has become, on its own merits, a crucial utility in our daily life. The perfect tool for taking notes, saving files or making to-do lists. Evernote is a must!

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Hootsuite is the most popular social media management app for both private individuals and companies. The convenience of sharing and scheduling your social media content on all social media channels on just one platform is the greatest asset of Hootsuite.

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IFTTT connects all your favourite Apps and creates simple connections between them.  IFTT short for If This Then That is one of our favourites and its simplicity is the key. Let’s illustrate this with an example, if you are this kind of person who hates rainy days and does not want to get wet, you can use IFTTT this way: IF it rains tomorrow (weather App) THEN I want IOS to send me a notification. Simple and very practical!

 iOS 1463602237_google_play Android  

13. Mr. Number Block

Tired of receiving calls from people trying to sell you something? With Mr. Number Block you can block a specific phone number or numbers with a specific code. The best tool to find peace.

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14. Pocket

We have all been in the situation that we found an interesting article or content in the internet while we are at work. Pocket is the tool for these situations, it saves all interesting articles with a simple click and you can read it later after work. The app also works offline, making it an indispensable tool.

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15. Podio

Another good pick for teamwork is Podio. The app allows you to have team projects and work from any place around the world without using your email. 

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16. RescueTime

Have you ever considered how much time you waste while being distracted by specific pages on the Internet? RescueTime can help you, it tells you how many hours you spend on Facebook, Twitter or any other distraction. Furthermore, it allows you to costumize a set of tools which will help you to be more focus and productive. A highly recommended tool.

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17. Slack

One of the top tools when it comes to communication within your company. You have the possibility to communicate within public or private groups or sending direct messages to a specific people. Furthermore, you can share all kinds of files and documents on which people can comment and add content. The app is faster and more convenient than email.

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18. Sunrise Calendar

The best alternative to the old pocket calendar. A superior interface and the great simplicity and power of sincronizing with other Apps makes Sunrise Calendar stand out from its competitors.

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19. Trello

Trello is another useful tool for managing teams and projects. Writing a screenplay or sending screenshots, the app is perfect for keeping things organized.

 iOS 1463602237_google_play Android  1463603598_29.Mac Desktop

20. Zotero

A good pick for saving useful information which you find while surfing in the internet. The Zotero icon will appear in the address bar and with a simple click you can save every type of file, from PDFs to audio or video files.

1463603598_29.Mac Desktop

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  1. Christian says:

    Very interesting list, I would like to propose Manipulist for rapid text/list manipulation and scraping, as it allows to perform multiple actions on an input text/list to reach the desired output in the shortest possible time.

  2. Anamaria says:

    I also suggest elapseit (it also has the invoicing feature and a free trial). It definitely helps you stay ahead of your work.

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