2010 Top 10 IT- Skills for Service Providers

Filed by team twago on January 11, 2011
  • Top 3 IT skills of the year 2010: PHP, HTML, and MySQL
  • Trend for 2011: increasing demand for app developers for iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Positive employment situation for IT service providers in 2010

Berlin, 10 January 2011. According to an analysis conducted by twago, an online intermediation platform for projects in the areas of programming, design, and business support services, PHP was the most sought after expertise of the IT sector in the year 2010, followed by HTML and SQL.

7.2 percent of all projects uploaded on twago demanded exclusively or among others PHP skills. 5.0 and 4.8 percent of all twago clients demanded the skills HTML and SQL. “PHP, HTML, and SQL were the strongest drivers for the demand for IT service-providers in 2010. Generally, the commission books of service-providers were full in 2010,” Gunnar Berning, founder and CEO of twago, says.

CSS, Flash, and Java, as well as JavaScript and AJAX also made it into the top ten of the most sought after IT skills of the year 2010.

Joomla took 8th place. The content management system changed places with WordPress several times throughout the year. Considering the entire year of 2010, Joomla has won the race. .NET took 10th place.

“In 2011 we expect an increasing demand for experts with skills relevant to the development of iPhone or iPad apps, but also Android devices, meaning Objective C or Java. The market for Apple apps will grow significantly, after it has recently been announced that Apple is planning an App Store for Mac OS,” Gunnar Berning further assesses the expected development for 2011. “C-sharp will certainly gain importance as well,” he adds.

“All in all, we expect that the trend to outsource IT projects of all sizes will persist,” Berning says.

The high demand for IT experts has also had a positive influence on twago’s business year. “We are able to look back on a very successful year. Every month we recorded an average growth of 20 percent. This shows that we are on the right path and that international project mediation is gaining importance,” Gunnar Berning sums up the year 2010.

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