2012 will be boom year for online work – market increased fivefold in 2011

Filed by team twago on January 23, 2012
  • project-based online services increased by 430% in 2011
  • size of projects offered in Europe increased significantly
  • twago, the European market leader of online market places, is expecting even higher increase
Boom Year 2012

Boom Year 2012

Berlin, 23 January 2012. The Berlin-based European market leader for online work, twago, has published the results of its 2011/2012 market development analysis. The results of the study, which evaluated the activities of over 138,000 service providers and clients, show clear tendencies. The demand for professional IT freelancers increased globally more than fivefold in 2011.

The project worth of the orders increased by several hundred percent. This emphasises the tendency to award larger projects to external freelancers instead of keeping them within the company. Outsourcing is becoming more and more attractive for both clients and service providers. This is mirrored by the growing numbers of registrations by freelancers (+140% globally) and clients (+270% globally). There has never been such high demand for online services.

“Online market places like twago are the economic miracle for freelancers. We offer freelancers the possibility to lead a flexible life with a governable income. We are not surprised that the demand increases steadily on both sides, clients and service providers”, Gunnar Berning, CEO of twago, says. “Freelance work is widespread in the USA. Of the working population, 30% are at least partly freelancers. In Europe it is only 5%. We expect that the numbers will equalise sooner or later”, Berning comments.

Indeed, it appears as though this is becoming a global trend. The online platform twago operates worldwide and is experiencing significant growth everywhere. “In 2011, service providers from more than 177 countries were active on our platform. That was an increase of 100% compared to 2010. The number of clients increased by even 500%. Our concept is well received, about which we are of course very happy”, Berning says.

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