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Endless possible uses of twago

IT is the abbreviation for Information Technology and IT services are all jobs connected to this area. Well, most of you probably already knew this. But this article is directed particularly at those of you, who don’t see themselves as IT specialists per se. Don’t panic, we’ll help you bring light into the darkness! Here you can learn what IT services entail and how you can make the most of using twago.

1. Creating a homepage

Whether you visit online shops, read an online newspaper, or use online banking, all these activities involve websites. Everything visible on a homepage was “created” by a programmer. The basic format of a website is configured in HTML. It is formatted in CSS. If you want a dynamic webpage some knowledge of flash would be an advantage. You don’t know what that is? No problem. Through twago you can find suitable experts to do it for you.

2.  Translation

Globalized, interconnected, and flexible – these are the characteristics that an industrious businessman or woman should possess. But what do you do when your language skills are insufficient? twago can help. We’ll help you find translators into all languages. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, or Croatian: we have them all.

3. Online shop

You have a good project and want to sell it on the World Wide Web? A good decision. Online shops are booming and are in high demand. However, to design a user-friendly online shop is not easy. While numerous programs such as Magento or osCommerce offer good web shop solutions, it is necessary to engage a capable programmer. With us you can find the best ones.

4. SEO

You run an online shop, an online magazine or a blog but no one can find you? Then you definitely have to practice search engine optimization in order to appear as far up Google’s results list as possible. The algorithms of Google and co are complex and not easily figured out. Our SEO experts can show you how it works.

5.  Blog

Blogging is the modern version of keeping a diary. Everyone who has something to say blogs. Worldwide there are 200 million blogs. In order to stand out from the masses you need an attractive layout as well as high-quality content. You don’t know how to use WordPress and your writing isn’t the best? twago puts you in contact with numerous developers and copywriters, who can help you to capture the world of blogs. With twago you can find the right service provider for your blog project.

6. Facebook Games

Farmville and other Facebook games generate enormous amounts of money and enjoy great popularity. Should you have a creative idea for a new game but lack the knowledge of the programming languages Flash or ActionScript, twago is the right address for you. With close to 30,000 providers, we have a large pool of experts, you can access.

7. Apps

Since the triumphal march of smart phones, many different apps have been created. Whether it is Adidas or The Times, all companies have their own apps. You would like an app for your business or product as well? We provide the experts for your app idea.

Theses are only some of the possible uses of twago. Convince yourself and log on our website.



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