9 Android Apps for Freelancers

Filed by team twago on February 10, 2011

For many people, smartphones have become indispensible, but only with the right apps do these small marvels of technology become more than just toys.

Android-apps-twagoWe have already introduced you to the best apps for Freelancers for the Richard Lionheart of all smartphones – the iPhone. Today we want to introduce you to the best apps for Android – the Robin Hood of the smartphones.

1. Easy typing with Swype, Swiftkey

A smartphone is neither a netbook nor a notebook with a real keyboard, although external keyboards are available. Swype is the T9 of the 21st century. It makes typing easier and qui cker. Instead of typing every letter individually, you simply swipe your finger across every letter of a word (in the correct order) and the program will suggest the word and even alternatives.

The only disadvantage: switching between input languages takes longer than with the Android standard setting.

Swiftkey brings the concept of Swype to the next level. Instead of individual words, it can predict whole sentences and even learn while you use it.

2. Task management with Astrid and wunderlist

Every freelancer has to do certain jobs and prioritise or turn down new ones. Under no circumstances should you forget anything. Astrid can help you with this. In its basic version, this task manager is already equipped with all the important functions.

Now also available for Android: wunderlist. This miracle of design has already drawn attention as an iPhone app, has won several awards and was voted app of the week in the American app store. wunderlist offers all the functions of a task manager wrapped in a beautiful design.

3. Time tracking with timr

This Austrian app is very professional. Timr’s best feature especially for freelancers is probably the option to differentiate between project time and working hours. Timr allows you to match individual tasks to certain projects or even customers. This facilitates the efficient structuring of projects and the hours you worked on them.

4. Notes and more with Springpad

Springpad is almost like placing a bookmark in real life. A useful aspect of Springpad is that notes, reminders, etc. are synchronised with information on the Internet. For example, if you note the title of a book that a friend has recommended to you, Springpad automatically checks if Amazon offers it at a reduced price. Should this be the case, even at a later point, the app will send you a reminder. Every note is automatically categorised and the system remains neatly arranged. The app is therefore a virtual assistant for freelancers and is always working in the background. This is one of the features that Springpad uses to woo its customers.

5. Manage expenses with Concur

Working with customers often means allocate arising costs. If you utilise the services of other providers or fellow freelancers to process a project, these costs are usually simply passed on. Often, costs, which arise in connection with a project, are absorbed by the customer, for example printing or hosting costs. Concur allows you to match costs with receipts, even on the road. The app offers a very diverse range of functions.

6. Keep an eye on Social Media with TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the ideal tool for social networkers. Apart from Twitter, it also monitors Facebook, Google Buzz and Foursquare. The Twitter timeline with the Tweets of users whom you are following, are displayed in one column. Next to this column you can set up others for example with search items (for example #Freelancer), @-replies, or direct messages. With TweetDeck, all Twitter information is well-sorted in different timelines. You can also set up columns for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Buzz and have the application only show you updates of friends while ignoring Facebook pages. This makes TweetDeck a very recommendable app for Android phones, not only for freelancers.

7. Access the same data from everywhere with Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best apps and a great invention all around. Dropbox allows you to save data in the cloud. With the app you can then access it at any time. Dropbox is the perfect place for important documents that you need to access and process from different devices. Large amounts of data, which take up too much space on the memory card of your smartphone, can be saved online without problems. Individual files can be shared with clients, partners and colleagues via a link. Dropbox is a must-have for freelancers.

8. Scheduling with Doodle

Who doesn’t know the problem: if you made an appointment with more than two people, it can be difficult to find a date that suits everyone. Doodle is a great solution for such problems. The user simply proposes several dates online and all users (who were invited via email) can vote on a date. Apart from finding dates, Doodle can also be used for general surveys.

9. Reading QR-Codes with ZXing

Where will this QR code bring you? Give it a try

QR-Codes transport Internet links into the offline world. It works as follows: QR-Codes can often be found on advertisements, business cards, or tickets. The camera of the smartphone records the code and the app converts it back into a link or other information. This allows you to access further information regarding a product or a person online. ZXing can encode and decode different standards. It is OpenSource and is enhanced constantly.

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  1. Bill Jack says:

    Great list. I’d also like to add proofhub mobile app here. Task management, notes, files, discussions..it has it all. Its the best tool to keep scattered teams together. Works the best for freelancers.

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