The 9 best Chrome Extensions for Freelancers

Filed by team twago on April 18, 2011

Choosing a browser is almost a question of faith. For some it is Internet Explorer, for others Firefox or Chrome are the only true browsers.

Chrome - great Browser with great Extensions

Useful Extensions for Chrome make a Freelancer’s life easier

There are numerous add-ons, plug-ins, and extensions for every one of them. Below, we have listed some Chrome extensions that we consider useful for coding freelancers.

1. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

For many, screenshots are part of their daily work. Window’s integrated snipping tool is already quite efficient. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate however, can do much more and makes taking screenshots and their editing much easier. Awesome Screenshot also allows you to capture parts of a page that you would have had to scroll to otherwise. After you have taken the screenshot, you can add text and forms, crop the picture, or blur individual sections. It is a real ‘power tool’.

2. Polaris Insights

Polaris Insights example screenshot twago

This is how Polaris looks like for

Polaris Insights was introduced at Techchrunch some time ago. This Chrome extension is very helpful when you are searching for specific information on companies, especially tech start-ups. Simply go to the company’s website, press the Polaris Insights button and a pop-up will show you all the information on Techchrunch’s Chrunchbase, LinkedIn and Quora.


3. Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is particularly useful for web designers and web developers. It allows you to analyse colours on websites. Should you be looking for the colour code of a certain element on a website, Eye Dropper will deliver the most important information quickly and straightforward.

4. MeasureIt!

MeasureIt! allows you to determine the size of elements on websites without having to search the HTML code. This is particularly helpful for web designers. You simply use a ruler on the respective element and the extension will give you its pixel measurements.

5. Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is a Google extension, which is very useful for web designers and programmers. When you load a website, this tool analyses how much time it takes for individual elements to load. Should the layout (CSS) of a page or Javascript cause problems, Speed Tracer can find the responsible element quickly.

6. Window Resizer

The Windows Resizer extension is perfect for web designers who want to test their layout with different window sizes without having to change the resolution every time. It can simulate the resolutions of different terminal devices such as desktops, notebooks, or mobiles.

7. Shareaholic

For all those who make extensive use of the social media, Shareaholic offers an individual button with which you can distribute websites and links on all frequently used social media networks with one click. Helpful shortcuts and automatic link contractions are also included. This is the perfect tool for ‘power sharers’.

8. Google Dictionary

This Google extension helps you to find definitions and sometimes also synonyms for words on a website. Google Dictionary easy: select a word, double click on it and a small pop-up will show you the definition.

9. ScribeFire

This is the ideal Chrome extension for all freelancers who have their own blog or write for a blog. After you have added one or several blogs in the extension’s settings, you are able to publish articles on the respective blogs without fuzz. Simply press the ScribeFire button and a text editor will open. You can then begin writing immediately. Basic formatting options and the possibility to upload pictures or embed Youtube videos are also included.

We are still looking for more Chrome extensions that are useful for freelancers. Which extensions do you find helpful? Please give your suggestions in your comments.


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  1. Helge Sverre says:

    I have found that FireShot is a great extension for taking a screenshot of the entire page, very helpful for me.

    I use the google dictionary extension all the time, I really like that you can just double click on a word and it will most of the time give you a definition for it.

  2. Janelle says:

    Fully featured from time tracking to invoicing, Freckle is great tool for small teams. Entering time is easy and reporting is great. For Apple users, there are also mobile and desktop apps to make tracking your time more convenient.

  3. Nazrul Islam says:

    Hello Dear Sir, This is amazing information, I got inspired after reading your blog post!
    Please keep posting such informational blog. So that, people like us will get inspired and implement in real life.

    Thanking you.

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