How to become a Google Adwords (and Yoga) certified expert

Filed by team twago on March 18, 2013

Let us introduce to you Eleonore Moritz, Senior SEA Manager @ twago and Google Adwords Expert with a strong passion for Yoga…

Hi Eleonore, so let’s start from the end, you got the Google Certification… what is it precisely?

The Google AdWords Certification Program offers advertisers the possibility to show their proficiency in Adwords. I got qualified as a Google Adwords professional with specialization in Search Advertising by passing two exams. No matter the specialization  everyone who wants to become qualified has to pass the basic exam first and then may choose between 3 advanced exams, concentrating either on Search Advertising, Display Advertising or Reporting. Once you have passed the exams you receive a Google-branded certificate and a public profile page hosted by Google showcasing your current status.

What is the main goal of  Adwords campaigns?

The main goal of Adwords campaigns is to reach Google users at a point where they are already interested in whatever you might have to offer – when they are searching on Google for your service, your products etc.  – and then trigger some kind of reaction. This reaction is called a conversion and can be very different depending on what are the individual goals for your campaigns. Some companies just want to drive traffic to their website, some companies run Adwords campaigns to get people to register for their newsletters, some shops want users to buy their products… there are many many possibilities.

Adwords and Yoga

Eleonore doing Yoga. What did she learn from it? Focus on your goals, stay flexible, listen (to the customer) and don’t forget to breathe!

How did you start working with Adwords?

I got into Adwords when I started working for twago in Search Engine Marketing. Prior to that I knew what Adwords was about and how it works in general, but to really understand how it works and to see all the small factors that can make the difference between running successful campaigns and failing took some time and practical experience.

As many web marketing related fields, also Adwords is a fast changing one. Which are the most recent changes and what you think will be go on in the next months?

The biggest recent change that will have a huge impact on Adwords advertisers this year is the introduction of enhanced campaigns. For now using enhanced campaigns is optional, but latest mid of the year all campaigns will be converted into the new model. It basically allows advertisers to target users on different devices and in different locations with the same campaign, but adjusted ads, bids etc. Google also improved and expanded reporting options, so at first sight this seems to be a good change. However some important options like for example the ability to target specific mobile devices and carriers will be removed. This is a big loss for advertisers targeting mobile users specifically and as click prices are in general lower on mobile devices, malicious tongues say that Google just had to find a new way to drive the CPC up…

5 things you should never forget when you work with Adwords?

1        It´s not about what you think, like or want, it´s about what the users do.
2        Never stop testing.
3        The competition never sleeps
4        Base your decisions on statistically significant data.
5        Google is not a friend, but a business partner.

You’re also a Yoga passionate. Is there anything that you can learn from Yoga to improve success in online marketing?

I just can tell you the same basic principles every self-help book out there would tell you: Focus on your goals, stay flexible, listen (to the customer) and don’t forget to breathe!

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