Becoming a freelance graphic designer: Paul’s story

Filed by team twago on February 28, 2013

Once upon a time there was a boy named Paul. Paul happened to be a very creative and couldn’t stop drawing and designing everything. When Paul grew older, he went to art & design school and became a graphic designer. Paul was a great designer. He could do amazing things. But no one could see his work. Therefore, he had no money…

One day Paul ran into his friend Thomas. Thomas told Paul about Paul went home that night and searched for twago, then created a profile and uploaded his portfolio.

The next morning, Paul received 4 alerts about projects he was interested in. He read them through and sent out his quotes. Now Paul has new clients and projects to work on. He can trust he’ll be paid on time because twago uses safePay. As soon as Paul is done with the project and his client is happy, Paul receives his money. Companies can easily find graphic designers like Paul on twago.

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