Berlin based company exemplary in integration – wins award for “diversity at work”

Filed by team twago on November 9, 2010
  • The Association of Turkish Entrepreneurs and Craftsmen e.V. Berlin honours businesses that distinguish themselves through their intercultural teams
  • twago receives award
  • award ceremony at the Red Town Hall Berlin on the 8th of November

Berlin, 8 November 2010. The online intermediation platform rejoices over the award for “diversity at work”, in which the young team got second place. The competition is directed at companies that practice open and intercultural work politics. The award ceremony took place on November 8 in the Red Town Hall in Berlin. twago is the only German business of the 3 winners. The other 2 winners were companies with Turkish backgrounds. Twago employs 21 people from 8 different countries.

The state secretary for economy, technology, and women Jens-Peter Heuer and the Turkish consul general Mustafa Pulat presented the award. Hüseyin Yilmaz, chairman of the Association of Turkish Entrepreneurs and Craftsmen e.V. Berlin said: “The competition sets a positive signal in the current integration debate in Germany. We are happy that our competition enjoys popularity with so many companies from different cultural backgrounds.”

The integration debate in Germany has reached a new peak. After Thilo Sarrazin’s book, the negative news about immigrants unwilling to integrate seems to accumulate. It is therefore very gratifying to witness that companies prove the opposite. That is why the Association of Turkish Entrepreneurs and Craftsmen e.V. Berlin has started this competition. With the competition titled “diversity at work” it is looking for enterprises that want to make use of the opportunities and advantages an intercultural team has to offer.

The work in an intercultural team is nothing new for “English is our office language,” says Gunnar Berning, manager and founder of “Intercultural teams improve the work dynamics and quality of work due to the many cultural differences. We are glad that our concept was received so well and that we could convince the jury with our company’s philosophy,” says Berning.

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