The 7-Point Checklist For Writing Project Descriptions

Filed by team twago on April 22, 2013

Write Great Project Descriptions Find The Best Freelancers

Posting a project on twago is free and easy. Here are 7 points to follow when writing a project description that will help you get the most competitive bids from the best freelancers and agencies located around the world.

1. Name your project

Make your project title as clear and catchy as possible. Try to summarize in a few keywords the job you need completed, and perhaps the type of freelancer you need.

Project title examples:

  • Mobile Designer For Restaurant Menu iPhone App
  • Translate 10 Blog Posts From Chinese to Italian
  • Redesign My Travel Website
  • Growth Marketing: Add 5,000 Facebook Likes

2. Describe the project

What is the project’s purpose and what is the expected outcome? Explain what you want and the final goal you have in mind. Make your vision clear.

  • Explain the project with your own words. The more information you can provide, the more accurate the quotes submitted by the freelancers will be.
  • Let the freelancer know your experience level in the field of your project. Do you also need consultancy services from the freelancer?
  • If you have drafts, examples, specific technical or design requirements that help share a better understanding of your expected outcome, attach them!
  • Communicate the current status of your project. Is it in an initial concept stage or in production? In both cases, give specific details.
  • Include your company’s brand identity guidelines if available.
  • You may have seen an application, website or logo that looks similar to what you want – attach this material.
  • Also background info such as target or industry audience can be helpful.

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3. State what type of freelancer you need

Who are you looking for? What skills or experience are required? Do you need a PHP programmer, a graphic designer, a social media expert, a translator? If you’re not sure about the type of freelancer you need, you can also get in touch with twago support. We are more than happy to help!

4. Give a timeline

When do you intend to start the project? What are the important milestones and when should the project be completed? Make everything clear from the beginning.

5. Create a budget

What is your planned budget? If this is the first time you are posting a project and you don’t know the appropriate budget and/or the budget is negotiable, please let the contractors know in your description.

6. Set project as public or private

Are the details of your project public or confidential? If they are confidential, twago offers an NDA agreement that contractors must sign before receiving confidential information. It’s easy and safe!

7. Decide freelancer location

Does your freelancer need to be located near you? If so, you may want to use direct search on twago – a system that helps you find experts in a specific location.

Done. Did you go through the checklist? Did you check every point? Just one more thing. The project description should be anonymous with no contact details or website links. After awarding your project to the suitable freelancer, contact information is exchanged.

Post your project now


You followed the checklist but did not receive suitable quotes?

Below are a few other things you can do for a successful project description:

  • Extend the bidding period and give contractors more time to prepare quotes.
  • Search for suitable contractors on twago and invite them to your project.

Following all the points above will help you find the best contractor to complete your project.

What are you waiting for? Use this 7-point checklist to post a new project. As you know, posting a project on twago is free – you only pay your contractor once your project is complete.

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