Five points for choosing the best contractor

Filed by team twago on July 9, 2013

With the wide range of talent, style and availability, it can be difficult to choose the right contractor for your next project. Below, we have put together some tips to help you attract the most qualified contractors to complete a project successfully.

1. Write a good project description

The outcome of this step depends on your commitment. The better you write your project description, the easier it will be for contractors to understand your needs and make a good offer. Good contractors could be discouraged by a short and imprecise description, so take some time to sit down and thoughtfully explain, in your own words, what you need and when you would like the project completed.

2. Feedback and comments

Does the contractor give feedback about your project? On many occasions feedback can be proof of the expertise of a contractor. Is the contractor asking for more details? This can also be a sign of genuine interest in your project. Also, feedback on the budget can be useful if you’re not very experienced with the topic of your project. You should also check the feedback that the contractor has received to understand how s/he interacts with clients.

3. The bids

Bids are made by contractors for your project. Narrow down to the 2-3 best offers by asking yourself these questions:

  •  Is the contractor introducing himself and his services in a clear way? Is he writing in correct form and without typos? If his offer is in English and the contractor is not a native speaker, there might be grammar mistakes in the text. This is normal; nevertheless, a well-formatted and clear text is a sign of attentiveness and trust.
  •  Is the bid unique? Does it directly refer to your project? Is it relevant to your request? Good bids don’t look like templates.
  •  Is the bid already trying to figure out the path to a successful conclusion of the project? A positive mentality is an especially welcomed trait.
  •  Is the budget respected or, if not, are additional costs well explained?
  •  Is the contractor open to have a follow-up after being awarded?

Choose a Contractor

4. The contractors’ profiles

On twago you can see the complete profile of a contractor. Checking profiles is a step you should never skip when choosing the right expert for your project. If you find a completely and properly filled contractor profile, it is apparent that the contractor cares about his job and reputation. In the contractor’s profile you find some essential data:

  • Overview – a summary of the type of contractor. Check out if the expert looks like a choice that can fulfill the tasks you have planned.
  •  Company Info – see further details, for instance where the contractor is located (in case you have particular preferences).
  •  Skills – here you can find how many years of experience the contractor has for each listed skill.
  •  Portfolio – a portfolio is the perfect source for getting an impression of the quality of work of a contractor.
  •  Project History and Feedback – don’t miss this part! Here you can see the complete history of a contractor. Of course, there are many great contractors on twago, but it’s a good idea to review all the feedback they received from previous clients, including rates for each aspect of the collaboration.
  •  An additional point to consider: is the contractor’s profile a verified profile? Having a verified profile means that twago went through the information provided by the contractor to verify his identity.

5. Ready? Award. Go!

Time to make your choice. You selected the best offers and identified the best profiles. Do not choose the cheaper or the faster expert, consider your quality goal and then go for your choice.

Then, if you believe to have found the right contractor, just make sure you agree on these final points:

  • all things you want to have done are included in the agreed price
  • clarify any eventual additional costs
  • set and confirm the deadlines and eventual milestones

You can now award your project to a contractor and get the job done!



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