The 10 point Cloud Working Manifesto

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The Cloud is omnipresent. You can join it everywhere at any time.


The Internet Age began more than 20 years ago. It changed the way people live, communicate and create. Such a revolutionary change also affects the way people work.


The future of work belongs to people who are able to work from anywhere via the Internet. The future of work belongs to companies that are willing to manage their expertise, resources and needs online. The future of work is in the Cloud.


 The future of work has already started. Cloud working platforms are connecting companies with local and international experts. Old geographical boundaries have been crossed. Companies of every type and size can find the best freelancers and agencies in the Cloud. The Cloud is a huge advantage for small and medium-sized businesses.


 The Cloud is the digital space where companies find IT experts, creative talents, marketing  and communication consultants,  and many other professionals. The Cloud means team work across virtual offices: collaboration on a global scale.


Cloud Working means a digital expert can decide how to optimize and organize the work process. Cloud Working means autonomous time management, flexibility and independent working spaces. That’s why coworking spaces are one of the best environments for the new digital work.


 Cloud computing and its services are the best supports for Cloud Working. Cloud computing is the natural evolution of the brand new connected world. Fast and easy access to different applications, files and software are the winning points for working mobility, digital nomadism and freelance life.


Cloud Working means local and global interaction. Cloud Work is the opportunity for every kind of business to operate in the international market without local offices. Borders no longer exists, while different cultures are seen as something valuable and positive.


Cloud Working is green. The effects of traditional carbon transportation can be reduced. Cloud Working is equal. It allows autonomous working time management with no gender bias. It brings work and personal life together. 


 The way of working  is evolving,  the new Digital Era has begun. The world is changing; the world of work is changing. Also politics seems to start to understand the importance of supporting, simplifying and promoting  digital professionalism. 30 out of 100 working people will work online as  freelancers in the next couple of years.  At the same time, many companies will improve their business results with the help of external contractors
Be part of this change. Join the Cloud.


Join the Cloud


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