Communication is key: introducing the new interactive face of twago

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twago launches its brand new communication interface!

When it comes to projects on twago, clients and freelancers are now on the same page.
Fed up with the communication struggles between client and contractor? Tired of not having a clear overview of your project and messages? We at twago have taken your comments and concerns to heart and finally we are happy to roll out the new and improved project communication features!
Change? Yes, that can be a very frightening thing… but this change is for the benefit of our entire community!

Our main change – all of your messaging functions are now available on one simple screen, the new project view. Having removed the public comments and old-style inbox, messages are now connected and contained within each individual project. Now you can effortlessly manoeuvre between project, information and conversation, all in one!

With ease and simplicity, let us guide you through the satisfyingly new fully interactive communication face of twago – for clients and for freelancers.

For our clients

Hi, Clients! At a first glance, in your new project overview you will be to see and review all quotes (project proposals) that have been sent to you, also being able to directly reply to all messages, without ever having to leave the project view! Adding visible updates at any time has never been easier either, which you can do right under your project description.

  • Never miss a quote. See all quotes and messages from contractors in one place.
  • Update away. Easily add updates and files to your project – at any time, and in one click. It keeps the followers of your project in the know.
  • Everything in its right place. Projects, information and conversation – all within the new project view.
  • Tag quotes. Easily tag each quote received, labelling them as either ‘interesting, maybe or not interesting’. Want to add a personal comment too? Now you can.
  • Dashboard, now more dashing! New activity in your project? You’ll always be notified within the revamped twago dashboard.
Here's a sneak peak of the new interface for clients on twago

As you can see, on the left side you can have a global overview of your project and on the right side, an overview of the numerous quotes from various freelancers.

Eyes left
The left-side of the new project view is devoted to your project. Here you will experience a clearer overview of the project, as well as a drop-down list of all your other projects. Beneath your project description you can also add any project updates and files. Above your project description you can manage things like extending the proposal period, adjusting your notification settings, and much more.

Eyes right
The right-side of the new project view is all about communication. This is the place to see any and all of your project information including received quotes, communication to and from contractors, and a straightforward, clear as crystal, messaging option. All quotes will be organised inside your project overview just like they should be. Although there is no longer an option to leave public comments, you can now easily communicate to each every contractor in a more direct and efficient way.

Need an answer to a specific question regarding the new project communication features? Read our special Client FAQ

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For our freelancers

Hi, Freelancers! Whether you are browsing through projects or have been awarded one, your involvement with the project will always be on the same page as the project itself.  Anytime the project is updated or any information has been added, it will be displayed here. And when a client sees/reads your quote, you will be notified in real time. You can now also report projects from the drop down menu, in case that they are of bad quality or do not adhere to the twago terms. The public messages are a thing of the past. Instead, a chat-like messaging system allows you to communicate directly to the client.

  • More talk, more action. Direct chat-like communication with the client ensures a more effective project experience.
  • Be seen and heard. Once your quote has been seen by the client, you will be updated in real time.
  • Stay updated. By following a project you can see all project updates, as and when they’re posted.
  • Dashboard, now more dashing! New project activity? Find all notifications within your dashboard.
Here's a little preview of the new interface for freelancers on twago.

Here you see that the left side is reserved for the project as a whole and the right side is dedicated to your interaction with the client.

A jump to the left…
The left-hand side of your screen. Here you will see the project description, the date it was submitted, the project budget, required skills, uploaded files and all project updates.

…and a step to the right
The right-hand side of your screen. This is your home away from home when it comes to projects. Whether you are browsing through projects or have been awarded one, your part in the process will always be featured on the right side of the screen. First and foremost, this is where you can submit your quote and detailed project proposal to the client, including the option to edit your contact details specifically for the project. You can also choose to enter the quote amount at a later time, if your motivation is to communicate with the client first.
Only interested in following the project for now? This is the place to do it – just look for the follow project link. In the communication view you will see all project status updates such as “your quote has been seen” or “this project has been awarded to you.” The chat-like messaging feature allows you to directly communicate with the client and send any uploaded files.

Need an answer to a specific question regarding the new project communication features? Check out our special Freelancer FAQ

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Communication is key when it comes to a successful relationship, and we feel that with these new changes, we have cleared away the clutter so you can work together effortlessly. Now that projects, clients and contractors are literally on the same page, it is the perfect time to start a new successful collaboration on twago. So, what are you waiting for? twago-go-go!


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