Demand for iPhone App developers at an all time high – great result for IT freelancers

Filed by team twago on March 13, 2011
  • Demand for iPhone app developers has grown enormously over the last 12 months
  • Demand for iPhone app developers in the top ten most-wanted skills for the first time
  • Top 3 of the most demanded IT skills: PHP, HTML, MySQL

Berlin, 13 April 2011. Never before has the demand for iPhone App developers been so high on twago, the online intermediation platform for projects in the fields of programming, design, and business support services. The most sought after expertise is PHP, followed by HTML and MySQL. The demand for developers of iPhone and iPad apps is in 10th place on our hottest skills list.

iPhone App Developers in High Demand

The Top 10 IT Skills on

The demand for experts with PHP, HTML, or MySQL skills has therefore remained unchanged since last year whilst Javascript, Joomla, and Flash also made it into the top ten. When compared to last year, the demand for Joomla is as high as never before. Meanwhile, Java is ranked at 7th place, a few places lower than last year. The demand for experts with skills in the area of app programming for iPhone and iPad has increased and was ranked 9th place above .NET. “The increasing demand for developers for best iPhone apps could already be seen last year,” explained Gunnar Berning, CEO of twago. “Experts with the respective skills were increasingly sought after. This year, particularly after the introduction of the iPad 2, the demand is so high that some projects have had to be delayed because there were no available experts” he adds.

The demand for WordPress experts had also made it into the top ten most sought-after skills. While at the end of 2010 fewer WordPress developers were needed, the first quarter of this year saw a significant increase in demand. “Despite the millions of existing blogs, this particular field still doesn’t seem to be saturated. In the past months, WordPress has come out with some significant extensions for its’ Content Management system, for example with the new feature to maintain a multilingual blog” Berning says.

“The status of orders for IT freelancers and service providers is still very good,” Mr. Berning says. On twago, the demand for IT experts increased significantly in the first quarter of 2011.

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