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Filed by team twago on January 23, 2013

Enjoy this post from Alberto, entrepreneur,  journalist and co-founder of a really innovative startup: Blomming.

Do you remember? It was just few years ago when building a website was a unique, marketable skill. We hardly had good CMSs (thanks WordPress!) or productivity suites for graphic, HTML design, or front-end coding. So, many websites were static, difficult to update, and with no optimization. Things have changed, and building a great website, both for micro-businesses or big companies, is now a snap. But, consequently, prices fell. Lucky for freelancers and agencies, e-commerce is becoming a very interesting new market, with customers finding new online stores every day. Here’s the Blomming experience, and how we think we can help.

Building an e-commerce site from scratch, today, is like building a website in 2001. It’s complicated, crappy and difficult to make it good looking. Fortunately, we live in the SaaS (Software as a Service) era, and we are full of APIs or service components that can help us build nearly anything we can imagine in few clicks. Ok, this is a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea.

At the same time, the web presents new challenges. Let’s say you have spent a lot of money and effort on a new e-commerce website. It’s fantastic, you put it online and… nobody knows. How do you build your traffic? Everybody is on Facebook or Twitter! Nowadays traction is the new gold.

We built Blomming with this principle in mind. Be crazy fast and effective. Be pervasive. Sell from wherever your customers are – your website, your Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, even from within one single post of your blog. Be always up-to-date, using an e-commerce platform in an As-A-Service model (we do nearly 1.8 deploys per day). Focus on what’s needed to sell, such as good products, nice photos, and the right price. Spend on marketing, not on technology. Give people tools to build what they like. We collected a number of stories in our magazine.

Many freelancers and agencies are building e-commerce sites for their customers. The idea is that everybody should be focused on her or his core business. And we at Blomming are building a platform that allows these three actors to share the scene and the profits. If a company or an individual builds beautiful products, they should be able to stay on that, keeping contact with her/his customers and developing new relationships. An agency or a freelancer is specialized in building an online presence? Don’t become bored with complex coding, but manage the customer and their needs in order to build an effective online business, with special regards to web marketing, communication, promotion, and social media presence. And developers: just build beautiful, fully featured apps.

Furthermore, you are probably building a project for yourself, too. We all are, right? We always have a side project – or more than one – in a drawer. In our model you can build e-commerce websites without all the hassle of actually managing products. The idea is to create aggregations of products from different sellers who will keep managing their stock, administrative stuff and doing shipping and handling, while you can now concentrate on building traffic to help them sell. It’s a new kind of content curation built on products.

In the next few weeks, we will launch a bunch of new features on Blomming – a mobile app, a complete redesign, a complete set of APIs and a new affiliation program that allows online publishers to share the revenues of products sold via their website, but actually delivered and managed by the original Seller.

If you want to see how easy it is to open a shop, you can try it here now. Or, if you are interested in becoming a “promoter” and earn money by building your own website selling products made by others, sign-up to our pre-launch list here. We’ll keep you updated.

The new e-commerce is not only social – our more than 16.000 shops demonstrate this, it’s also pervasive, ready to be adapted to any website you want. And it’s easy to build for yourself or for your customers.

Happy Blomming,



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