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Pick the right provider

twago offers great possibilities for companies. From cost savings to access to global experts, you as a customer can benefit hugely from the diverse global network. But how do you find a professional service provider that has exactly the expertise that you, the client, needs? This question will arise to anyone who wants to contract out a project to an external expert.

twago customers know that online trading platforms are a useful tool to find trustworthy and professional service providers. We have collated a few points which will guide you in the search for professional service providers, and have provided some key points which you should observe if you wish to receive many high-value offers of service as possible.

Creation of a detailed Project description

Enter a detailed description of the project and of your needs. Place yourself in the shoes of the service provider: What could be important for them? What would they want to know? Which questions could they pose? What needs to be realised and implemented? You should note that the better the description – with every point described in detail, the better results and offer you receive. An effective project description should include the following points:

2.Necessary Skills

Indicate in your offer all of the necessary skills that your service provider must have. Thus, the service provider can adjust accordingly and know exactly what to expect. At the same time you reduce the risk that you don’t employ someone who does not meet your requirements. This is because the service provider will only receive offers of work that are suited to the skills listed in their specialised profile.

For example, when undertaking blog design, simply having knowledge of WordPress is not enough, as expertise is also required in the use of HTML, SQL and PHP. If you are not sure what skills are important for your project, you can contact the twago-Customer Service at any time: (Tel: +40 (0) 30 250 41 500).

3.Project goals

A detailed description of the intended project goals is essential. Only with detailed specifications can you realize your goals. Also, for all potential candidates a detailed project description is useful. For the more accurate your vision is, the more targeted the offers that you receive can be. You should set in advance what your expected goals are, and also set sub-goals that can be checked easily.

Throughout the duration of the project, undertake critical examinations of the project’s progress.

Within the preparation period for your project it is already possible for you to evaluate with the service provider the strategy, progress and goals of the project. Sufficient time should be left in order to ensure that necessary changes can be made if required to ensure that your goals are reached as planned.


Milestones and deadlines belong to a good project proposal. If the project must be completed by a certain date, you should name the precise ending date in the project description. With the twago platform not only can you set the length of the project tender period, you can also define the working schedule for the entire project. Is there a time when the value of a result must be 100%, or the task must be carried out by a certain date, and the progress towards this goal is in danger, then negotiate with the service provider if the goal-posts of this task can be moved.

For the service provider, the scheduling process is an integral part of the offer and is an opportunity to assess the feasibility of the project. Thus, once the effort required to complete the project has been established, you can set the budget of your plan.

Assessment of the Service-Provider

Once you have received enough offers, you start evaluating them. You can identify potential partners by assessing the references and assessments given to them by previous clients on twago. In addition to the given ratings of course, a professional profile and the quality and quantity of the provided references will give an indication to the excellence of the service provider. Relevant information to be found in the user profile is, for example, annual turnover, skills and references from former clients.

Here in particular, you can use the advantages that the twago platform provides. You can see at first glance, which projects a provider has undertaken before. This way, you do not have to rely only a company’s brochure or slick advertising, but can easily determine, based on past performance, the skills of the provider. The verification feature also gives you security in being able to see whether or not a service provider is qualified.

Choice of the desired Service Provider

Rate the submitted offers and sort amongst them the ones who can best provide the desired service. You can then select on the basis of some simple steps and without difficulties the most appropriate provider for your project.

  • Identify the unclear offers
  • Concentrate your focus on the best providers
  • Remain objective
  • Undertake a qualitative analysis based on the basis of your vision and search criteria
  • If you wish to stay within your national boundaries, then you can consider if you wish to meet the service provider in person
  • Service providers who ask many questions are signalling their interest
  • Significantly cheap or over-priced offers are questionable

Negotiation and conclusion of contract

Discuss the project details with your chosen service provider. Make sure that the provider has understood the intentions of your project. Negotiate and finalise the contract.

Before the project starts, you should review the course of action and management of the project. In this effort, the twago project management tool can help. Take advantage of the milestones and project status classifications.

We wish you every success with your project on twago!


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