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Filed by team twago on November 1, 2011

This is a guest post by John Cosstick, a freelance journalist who owns the website which is aimed at helping people become self-employed freelancers.

Google’s Panda Project Favours Writers’ Websites

Freelancers who understand the changes to The Google Panda Project and capitalize on them will make money. The Project, named after Google engineer Navneet Panda, refers to the Google search algorithm changes, which improve the search results for Google search users; the goal being to improve the ranking of higher quality sites.

This is accomplished by the use of artificial intelligence by the google search engines, based on Google´s market research of the actual characteristics of search engine users. The bottom line result for writers is that original content is more highly ranked by the search engines. This is likely to be a trend going forward. Smart freelancers will therefore design their websites or blog with this in mind and take advantage of this change.



Your Website Content Can Firstly Help You Win A Contract Or Employment

Every professional writer knows that a great profile can lead to as much business as a carefully crafted proposal because it is often the website content of your profile that leads to the initial contact. Your profile can be part of a freelancing employment platform presentation either directly or by linking to your own website. Professional advisors to freelancers will tell you that the freelancer’s profile should give particular attention to:

• Overview
• Portfolio
• Skills
• Employment history
• Education
• Skills verification

Your Website Content Can Secondly Attract Traffic That Can Be Monetised

The Google Panda changes are a logical evolution towards creative, original content being more valuable than that appearing on low quality, poorly constructed websites without original content. You should view your website on this basis, as your content will be more valuable and produce more income when monetised. For example, the Google Adsense income of lower quality websites has already been impacted significantly. If your website is constructed correctly with original content it will attract more traffic. As your website’s number of content pages increases and if they are monetised properly the revenue from them will also increase. It is not only the revenue from your contracted services that you should now be considering because if you plan ahead for when you stop working you will have your website as an asset that you can sell.

Search Is Still The Biggest Game In Town!

Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger and Scribe, wrote the book “How to create compelling content that ranks well in search engines”. In his book Brian made the valid point “if your content isn’t good enough to attract good, natural links, it doesn’t matter how “optimised” that content is.” This is where writers have a competitive edge over other internet marketers who may scrape their content from other writers and produce a storyline. This is not too unlike spinning articles, which has plagued the internet in recent years and required plagiarism checking. Google is getting smarter, as the Panda Project has shown. Google and other search engines will probably eventually develop artificial intelligence to the extent of being able to distinguish spun articles from the original creative work.

I would be interested to read your thoughts on the issue of the Google Panda Project and search engine optimization copywriting. Do you believe, as I do, that creative writers who are smart will have a strategic advantage and will be able to build a saleable asset, as well as display their writing talents on their website? Please comment below or on my website.



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