#InternautDay Happy 25th Birthday, Internet!

Filed by team twago on August 23, 2016

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Even though it’s 40-plus years since the internet has been around in some form or other, on this day 25 years ago the public were granted access to the glorious World Wide Web by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee and team at CERN in Switzerland. On August 23rd 1991, the internet as we know it was born – at a time where George H. W. Bush was in the White House, Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams was at the top of the charts, Charlie Sheen’s Hot Shots! reigned at the box office (yes, THAT Charlie Sheen) and the Super Nintendo was released in North America to much rejoice.

But forget about all that stuff… more importantly, we were given THE INTERNET!

So here’s a brief infographic history to celebrate #InternautDay and there’s not one single cat-gif in sight*



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*oh, alright then … 


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