How Corona Cross Platform App Development Helps You Save Time & Money

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Kishor Lokhande

is an experienced, multi-skilled & reliable mobile app developer from Pune working with Redbytes- Official Corona SDK ambassador in India with a proven ability to create stable, feature-rich apps. He is a quick learner & has experience working with people from all social & professional backgrounds.

As technology is well into its mobile phase, mobile app development can be hard at times. Especially, while you are dealing the challenge of choosing between the multitude of platforms out there. If you are a business, you need to have your app on Android, iOS and Windows. This means creating the same app three times spending three times the money and time. Cross-platforms allow developers to create an app by using a single scripting language which increases productivity, accelerates mobile app development to deliver high-quality apps that work on any Android, iOS or Windows devices.

Benefits of Using Cross-platform

  • Simplifies maintaining and deploying of codes, eliminates repetitive tasks
  • As it works on a single base code for multiple devices, it turns out to be economical for organizations
  • The usage of unified code base enables to speed up the mobile app development for timely delivery of the app
  • Maintains similar look, feel and consistency for apps on multiple platforms
  • Save time in identifying bugs, helps you to respond to issues instantly

Different cross-platforms have different technological settings, different way of writing codes, languages, IDEs, deployment models etc. But, one of the best and simplest for cross platform development is Corona. Usually, when we choose a cross-platform, the first question that pops up into our mind is the cost and time taken to complete the development process.

So how does the cross-platform development using Corona help you save time and money? It’s possible only because of the following key features:

1. Ease of Use & Set-up

As a cross-platform for mobile app development, Corona is easy to learn which makes it an ideal framework. Constant updates within the site, try to simplify the entire process by avoiding unnecessary technical settings. So that, developers can completely focus on their vision without wasting time and cost of development.
To use this platform, you simply need to download and install Corona, start with the new project, edit the codes in Lua in the desired IDE/text editor. Here, development is immediate and changes are instantly reflected. There is no need for external SDK’s and tool sets.

2. Corona is Completely Free

Both versions of the platform, i.e. the core product and the native-based product is free to use for developers. Apps can be built by simply using the official learning resources. To get the new version, developers just have to log in to the corona portal and download the latest updated version.

3. Real-time Stimulation

As Corona is paired with IDE, it can respond to the code changes instantly, giving a real-time preview of how your app looks on screen.

4. Lua

Corona uses Lua as its basic language. It’s extremely easy to learn, use, embed and execute. Here, everything seems basic and this makes it a more reliable scripting language backed up with extensive documents. The VM is faster than many other languages. It comes with very few libraries to keep the memory footprints smaller. Therefore, it is suitable for programming of embedded devices.

5. Performance & Speed

Speed and performance are two important factors that cannot be ignored. Right away from the light weighted scripting language to the cross-platform API for 2D/3D graphics, Corona is optimized for performance at every core level of development. By using this platform, your apps are built on time with high performance, speed and stability.

6. Frame Work

The API used for Corona is extremely simple but at the same time powerful. All these are thoroughly documented so that developers can find anything they need to work, within Corona docs. They have a lot of code examples that will definitely help them to find what they need to make it work and avoid extra stuffing of content.

7. Powerful Plug-in

There are almost 200 plus plug-ins available for Corona. Everything ranging from media, analytics, in-app advertising, hardware etc. and more are on your reach within Corona with updates every now and then. Corona comes with an emulator which refreshes projects whenever you save a new file. This makes the development flow quicker for developers.

8. Supports All Major Platforms

Corona allows publishing in all major platforms. Be it Android phones, tablets, Apple iPhones, iPads, Windows desktop, Mac, connected TV like Android TV, Apple TV etc, all can be connected using a single code base. No separate rewrites of code is needed.

9. Testing

Corona makes compiling of apps and testing also easier. Here, you don’t need to download anything to run an app. You just need to open it from the Corona simulator’s menu. Apps present in the simulator run normally as on mobile phones.


On the whole, as a cross-platform, Corona is a simple and easy-to-use UI that reduces time to get an app to market. Hence, in spite of the other variety of platforms, Corona is definitely a good pick for those who prefer to use an economical and accessible platform for their next app.


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