How freelancing can change lives

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My life as a freelancer so far

I‘m Faryad. My wife (Asraa) and I are international freelancers and we are really glad that we chose this path. When I first heard about freelancing, I thought this could be the only way of living which fits my free nature. By “Free” I mean from my childhood, I always wanted to be my own boss and to manage my own time without being worried about 9 to 5s. This was how my dad was living (and is living hopefully) and he was the greatest inspiration for me.

My wife and I used to be self-employed and had lots of local clients but I was thinking about something beyond our country borders because I’ve always been interested in cultural exchange and international communities. In 2014 I started signing up on few freelancing platforms and in a short period of time, we managed to serve more than 50 clients from different countries around the world. Soon, we decided to close our offices and to make freelancing our primary source of income. It was a difficult decision because we had a very good local reputation and due to our nationality, there had been lots of extreme barriers for us to count on international freelancing as our sole source of income. We couldn’t even withdraw our earned money, so imagine that! We accepted the challenge and closed our offices. I’m glad that we did. Here’s why…

1. We no longer pay for offices!

Traveling back and forth to office was frustrating and now we’ve saved this time and the involved costs like monthly rental, transportation, office utilities, etc. Sometimes we don’t even come out of our small apartment for several days!

2. Currency

We earn world’s top currencies like Euro and this is a great deal for living in countries whose currencies are cheap. By doing this type of business, we have a kind of inflation-proof feature which is clearly sensible for people who live in countries with extreme inflation rates.

3. What are you really doing to earn money?!

No one knows how we do our livings because we are always available and have lots of free time and people wonder how we earn money! Sometimes they ask: what are you really doing to earn money?! People simply don’t know how cool it is to earn money at home without being worried about waking up at 7 am each morning.

4. Our laptop is all we need

We travel anywhere we wish and we take our business with ourselves. We travel whenever we wish and we come back whenever we like to. Sometimes we don’t come back for several weeks. There’s no limit.

5. Always available online

Our working experiences are always available online and people, authorities, and potential clients can easily learn about our fantastic services with few mouse clicks. We have strong resumes which we accompany our portfolio for more serious projects.


Our twago experience

These were very few to mention. After we found Twago (about a year ago), I noticed freelancing can go even further. Twago is the most professional freelancing platform I’ve ever seen with carefully German-engineered features and lots of potential for real experts. This platform is not simply a cheap sell-and-buy website. If you are a real expert, this platform is for you. With Twago we always have a sense of support and we know that we always have income. Now we are thinking about immigration for making a brighter future, and again, freelancing supports us. When we discuss with people about immigration, their nightmare is how to do their livings abroad and from where to start working. Again, we don’t have these kinds of worries and this is the most astonishing feature of our career. What else? We had a very difficult life. It is beyond this short article. Now we are planing to live in a green and calm countryside and to support our families in order to make their livings easier than what it is currently. I believe non of these would be possible without great platforms like Twago and opportunities they create.

Something else

Something else which might be neglected is the great fact that freelancers do not occupy the physical places or seats in the areas they live or they move to. They usually have the necessary knowledge, have already passed lots of training, and they are purely productive without consuming government or country resources. Our greatest honor is the fact that we import foreign currency to the places we live in without being involved in complex trading systems and enterprise businesses which require lots of paperwork, initial investments, and facilities. We are simply productive with our laptops and that’s what personally makes me feel “useful” in the society I live in.

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