How to Build a Powerful Online Presence Using SEO

Filed by team twago on March 23, 2015
Winning SEO tips for your website

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Building your website is only half the job. Optimizing your website for search engines and marketing it through social media is just as important. Having a website you don’t market is like having billboards made then storing them in the garage. Or printing business cards and not handing them out.

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Search Engine Optimization is still largely a mystery to most business owners. If you sell umbrellas then sure, a keyword might be umbrella. But remember that song by Rihanna? Well that little tune takes up at last half of the first page of results in a google search. Followed by Wikipedia explanations about umbrellas and then a couple of optimized businesses who have the word umbrella in their name. If your business is called ‘The Shady Lady’ rather than ‘The Umbrella Shop’ – then who knows what you sell. Sunglasses? Drugs? Escort services? Not necessarily umbrellas right!

The key to good SEO is finding out exactly what people are searching for and responding to that information. This helps you to use all the right words in the all the right places and subsequently get a little more love from search engines. An SEO assessment by an SEO expert will tell you what you are doing wrong and help you understand things like website traffic – why people come to your site and how they got there. Then you know how to get more of the right kind of people there in a more efficient way.

Of course the foundation of good SEO is a strong optimized website. It’s important the pages of your site have the right words in them, that images don’t take too long to load and that there isn’t too much information to read through. Keeping it short, simple and to the point is the key and the best person to help you scale things back and refine them is a professional who has the skill and objectivity to do this in a clear and focused manner, guided by their expertise.

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The final piece of the equation for an optimized online presence is social media. The same principles apply but there is more action – use the right words, at the right time, in the right place. There is just no time for businesses to learn the science of social media and why would you when somebody else has already done all that work!

A professional SEO assessment will cover all of this and more. You will get good solid feedback on your online presence, a list of strong keywords and maybe even some tips on how to do some things yourself. Basic keyword searches are easy enough to do in google adwords but you really need someone who knows what they are talking about to walk you through it first. Because time is money people and we have all been victims too many times of the getting lost down the many rabbit holes of the internet.

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