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When choosing the best contractor for your project, there is much information that you can review. From the profile listing all the contractor’s experience to examples of past work, there are many ways to figure out which contractor is most qualified. One of the best ways to evaluate a candidate is to read through the quote that he submitted. Below we will explore how the quote can be very helpful in selecting the best contractor.

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1. Explanation of contractor and services

What should be immediately evident is the ability of the contractor to explain himself and his services. Has he written a clear explanation of his qualifications? And the services he can provide for you? Is the text clear and concise, free of typos and grammatical errors? This will be the first indicator of whether or not the contractor is a suitable candidate.

2. Unique to your project

Of utmost importance is that the contractor has submitted a quote that is unique to your project. A few questions you want to ask are:

  • Does the contractor adequately respond to the project description?
  • Has the contractor laid out his plans for this specific project?
  • Are the plans relevant to your needs?

By ensuring that the quote is unique to your project, you can be sure that the contractor thoroughly reviewed your description and understands what is required.

3. Budget

It is important for the contractor to include a financial plan in his quote, so that you are both on the same page. You want to know if the contractor has adhered to your budget, and, if not, additional costs should be adequately explained.

4. Timeline

Has the potential contractor included a timeline, including project milestones and a final deadline? This is especially important if you have a specific end date in mind. It is necessary to have an idea of the amount of time each contractor will need to complete your project.

5. Competitive advantage

Did the contractor explain how he can provide services better than his competitors? Here, you want to evaluate the added value of each individual contractor to find the one with a competitive advantage that will help you get your project done quickly and effectively.

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