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What is the first thing you do when choosing a new employee? You look at their CV. When choosing a freelancer or an agency, the process is similar. On twago you are able to see the profiles of each contractor on the platform. The contractor profile consists of four unique elements, which are critical in deciding which expert is the best choice for you. A contractor who properly fills out his or her professional profile is committed to transparency about his or her qualifications, skills, experience and past interactions with clients.

Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing the best contractor on twago starting with the profile. (As a sample you will see Magicframe Consulting’s profile).

1. Overview

The top of the profile gives you an overview of the contractor, with the following information:

  • Basic information: name and picture/logo of individual or company, location of contractor, link to website (if provided) and contact details
  • Short description about the individual or company
  • twago score
  • Skill summary
  • Number of projects won
  • Number of evaluations from past clients
  • Revenue earned on twago
  • Languages spoken by contractor
  • For VIP and PREMIUM membership: additional section with video and/or PDF documents

1. General View

twago score

The twago score is one of the best ways to get an overall picture of the contractor. On a scale from 0-10 (ten being the best), the twago score is generated from the combination and interaction of many different variables grouped into three categories: Profile, Reputation and Activity. It’s a quick way to get a general overview of the rest of the profile – evaluations, portfolio and skills.


Underneath the twago score and in the same visual format, you will find the skill summary showing the breakdown of the contractor’s skills by industry. The contractor usually lists 5-20 skills per industry, which can be seen in detail in the ‘Skills’ section at the bottom of the profile (further information below).

To the right of the twago score, you can see the number of projects won by the contractor. This can be a good indicator of the quality of the contractor, but do remember there are always experienced contractors who are new to twago.

summary bar - projects

The next number you see is the quantity of evaluations from past clients. The more evaluations there are, the easier it is for you to gauge the reliability and quality of the contractor.

summary bar - evaluations

The third number states the revenue earned on twago by the contractor.

The last number indicates the languages in which you can communicate with the contractor. By hovering your mouse over the languages icon, a drop down menu will appear listing the languages spoken and level of proficiency.


The overview provides just the essential information, so you can quickly scan through and see if a contractor might be suited to your needs. If they seem like a good fit, you can then scroll down for more in-depth information. This will allow you to accurately gauge quality, reputation and abilities, in order to choose the best candidate for the project

Something to remember: if you’re interested in a specific contractor who did not send a quote for your project, you can always invite them to do so by clicking the green “Request a quote” button (located to the top right of that contractor’s profile).

Request a quote button

2. Evaluation and recommendations

In addition to what contractors say about themselves, you can find more objective information generated from feedback by previous clients. The recommendations come with golden stars awarded by clients, demonstrating the contractor’s performance on past projects. A contractor with 4 or 5 stars will likely do a better job than one with only 1 or 2 stars.


You can click on the evaluation from each client to get more detailed information, including a breakdown of each element. There is also a scroll function, allowing you to quickly and easily scroll through the feedback scores left by each client.

Feedback details EN

3. Portfolio

You can then check the contractor’s abilities even further by looking at his or her portfolio. The portfolio helps you evaluate the quality of past work, which is particularly helpful for design jobs. An image and description are provided for each project shown. Click on a project to enlarge the photo and read the full description.

EN - Portfolio

4. Skills

The ‘Skills’ section at the bottom of the profile is categorised by industry and allows you to evaluate each of the contractor’s skills in detail. The contractor will have listed his or her expertise on a scale of 0-10 per skill (ten being the best). To see how many years of experience he or she has for each, hover your mouse over the specific skill and a pop-up will appear.

Additionally, you can see any other industries the contractor has expertise in, which may also be relevant to your project. Lastly, you can see the tools the contractor uses in order to give you a better understanding of the way the contractor works.


Choosing the best contractor can be a bit time consuming. However, with twago’s new profile and simplified layout it is now easier than ever to gauge the quality and abilities of each contractor – ensuring you select the best person for the project.

Now you know a little more about our contractors, you are ready to show them your idea for business.

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