Working with Clients: How to Ensure Great Communication

Filed by team twago on March 12, 2014

twagoquote5With the evolution of the workplace and the transition to online work, keeping in touch with clients is increasingly important. As a freelancer, you likely communicate with several different clients on a weekly or daily basis. It is important to maintain contact to build trust and keep clients in the loop about ongoing projects. Here are a few tips to ensure smooth communication between contractors and clients.

1. Respond punctually

You don’t need to respond within minutes to each client email; however, it is important to respond within a day or two to keep clients abreast of project developments. If you go out of town, be sure to let clients know ahead of time that you will be slower in responding to emails and phone calls.

2. Give updates

At the beginning of the project, it is a good idea to establish a set of guidelines for how and when you will update the client. Be clear and give specifics. This will ensure that you don’t receive too many emails and that the client has peace of mind knowing that the project is receiving attention.

3. Don’t assume

If you have a question or are unsure about a certain aspect of the project, ask. Don’t assume the client will want it one way or another. You could end up doing a lot of unnecessary or redundant work, causing problems for yourself and the client.
Asking does not make you look stupid, it shows that you are attuned the details of the project.

4. Maintain professionalism

If you’re working online and never meeting the clients you are doing work for, you might be inclined to be a little less than nice if a problem arises. However, it is important to always be professional both on- and offline when dealing with clients. Your online reputation is increasingly important and relevant in this day and age.

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