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Filed by team twago on November 17, 2015

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Finding the right freelancer online for your project or job is incredibly easy at twago, and it’s free!

By simply posting a project for free on, you can get your project seen by of thousands of experienced and affordable freelancers. Not sure where to start? This step-by-step guide will outline the process of posting a project on the twago platform, giving you some great tips on how to make your project stand out and be a success. 

First, go to the project posting page. Here you describe your project in the best way to attract the right freelancers to submit proposals for the job. There are only a few items to consider, but it’s important you fill them out correctly and stay one step ahead of your competition! To get the best results, remember these three important words: Details, details, details!

 1. Name Your Project

Give your project a name that attracts the right people – if you want an app designed then those keywords are essential as part of the project name so app designers can find it. Adding in more detail to the name, will not only attract those who think it might be a fun project for them, but also those who’ve worked on a similar project before. By expanding your project name from ‘App Design’ to ‘Develop a Simple Food Recipe App for iPhone’, you’re providing all the specifics that tell freelancers exactly what the project is about.


2. Define Your Project (Category, Project Type & Skills)

After you’ve named your project, the next section helps you to define it so everyone’s clear on exactly what the job involves. The good news is that there are drop down menus and pre-selected options to help you do this. First you must select the ‘Category’ from the drop down menu – there are 7 menu items here. Once you’ve chosen the category that best describes your project, the ‘Project Type’ below it will update to reflect the category you chose. For example, if you chose ‘Mobile App’ as the category, the project type will update to offer iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc. if you chose ‘Writing’ as the category, the project type options become blog writing, PR writing, book writing etc. Once you have chosen the category and the project type, the skills section will update itself to list those skills usually associated with that type of work. You can also add in additional skills you think might be needed.  


3. Setting Your Budget

This is an important decision, however the budget section also comes with a pre-defined pop down menu. Experienced freelancers usually know how long a job will take them so if you want a press release written for example and you offer a budget of  €1500 – €3000, you may be sending the wrong message. Maybe this makes you appear difficult and implies the job will take more time then they expect it should. It may also mean you open yourself up to overpaying for the job if you don’t clearly estimate the budget you need. You can always renegotiate once the job commences or post a new project for other aspects of the job as things progress.


4. Description

This final section should be highly descriptive and clear, but it’s good to be a little creative too. Freelancers don’t just want to work for money, they want to find interesting people they can build good enjoyable working relationships with. Put some personality into your post so they get a sense of who they will be working with, not just what the job is:


Below the description box you can also upload additional files as attachments. These are things you think might be useful to help describe your project.

Once you have completed all of the sections, your project is ready to be posted. You can add some premium extras if you like to enhance the management of the project at your end, but once the 4 steps above are completed you are ready to post your project.

Are you ready to find the perfect freelancer for your project?

Post your project now!


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