How to use ‘twago search’ to find the best contractor

Filed by team twago on December 11, 2013


The most important component to having a successful project is finding the right contractor for the job. twago has now made this selection process even easier with the new-and-improved search engine.

Not only can you quickly and easily redefine search keywords as many times as you like, there are also different filter options relating to location, membership status and evaluations.

You can even ‘Request a Quote’ directly from the search landing page, making it fast and easy to get the ball rolling for your project.


To begin a new search:

Ensuring that ‘Contractor’ has been selected in the dropdown, type your required skill into the search box at the top right-hand corner of the twago home page. Click the magnifying glass icon to start the search.


Prioritising options for search results:

By default, your search results will be prioritised according to overall relevance. You can select other prioritisation options using the dropdown: twago Score, number of evaluations and total revenue earned through twago.



Adding and removing search terms:

You can add as many additional search keywords as you wish by using the search function on the right-hand menu.

To remove a keyword, simply click the ‘x’ on the search tag. If you want to start over, click ‘x Clear All’.




Search by location:

You can also filter by location. Simply type the country or city you would like to focus on in the ‘Location’ search option in the right-hand navigation menu.

A map will then appear showing the location of each contractor listed.



Filter according to membership:

Filtering according to a twago contractor’s membership status is also an option. Simply check the box next to the membership types that you would like to see results from and the rest will be automatically filtered out.



Filter according to evaluations:

Using the slider option, you filter results according to the minimum number of evaluations a contractor must have.

You can also filter by evaluation quality. Simply click the minimum number of stars (out of five) a contractor’s average evaluation quality must be.


Request a quote:

Now that you are left with only the best, most relevant results you are ready to request a quote! Simply click the green ‘Request a Quote’ button of your desired contractor and you will be on your way to getting your project started!


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