How To Write an Engaging IT Project Description

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Most entrepreneurs with innovative ideas want to see their projects come to life, so they reach out to IT professionals to make their visions come true. But how do you organise your thoughts and put a clear description on paper to attract freelancers, without confusion and losing time and money?

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The following article is an outline you can use to organise your thoughts, describe your project for free on twago and put out clear requirements. Trust us, Freelancers will appreciate it and you are more likely to attract the right contractors to help your projects thrive!

1. What to call your project

This is incredibly important and often overlooked by project managers. Be professional and format correctly. No spelling mistakes! Use a catchy, simple and informative project title.

2. Roughly describe your project

To initiate the project, you need to describe your business case or idea. Describe your reasons why the project is needed, the resulting benefits and your expected outcome.

3. Explain the project requirements

The next step is to describe your project requirements in as much detail as you can. This is one of the most important steps to avoid confusion regarding the project scope, the needed time and resources. In order to give you a meaningful project proposal, the freelancer needs to take in your detailed project requirements. This does not mean that you have to know how the realisation or technical solutions of your project should be, but you need to know, what functions, performance and attributes are needed. For example, if you need a web shop to sell articles, you need to be clear on at least how many categories there will be, how many items you will publish and what your other software requirements are. It is very important to describe in detail what software functionalities you expect. If you are developing a system, ask yourself: what are the functions of this system that I expect to be realised? Software, systems or general IT-requirements should be realistic for your business idea. You should be clear on what interfaces you would like to use or need. This is important also for your expected performance outcome. Be clear on your expectations about performance like speed, reliability, and response time. Details, details, details!

4. Specify technical requirements

Do you have specific database requirements, any restrictions or limitations? Be clear on any unwanted programs, database structures, communication protocol, or design restrictions. Being clear will save you a lot of time and money.

5. Detail the work flow and implementation

Here you can describe the expected project phases, work flow and what you expect from the freelancer. For example, after the first resolution proposal, what steps do you expect? The expected work flow could be described as so:

• Resolution proposal and implementation agreement
• First draft
• Modifications
• Second draft
• Final outcome

Here you should be realistic. If you do not have unlimited resources, you should not expect unlimited modifications. A clear understanding is needed from both sides for the implementation and modification process to work effectively with the given budget.

How to write a great IT project description on twago

6. Be clear on your schedule

Time is money for you and for the freelancer. Therefore, be very clear if you have any time restrictions, a schedule set for each phase and when do you expect what part of the work to be finished. How long does the freelancer have to complete each phase or when do you need the final outcome?

7. Precise your budget

If you have a clear outline and understanding of the points discussed above, it should be easier to calculate a realistic budget. Get familiar with average cost per hour for your project (software, hardware or application development). With this cost per hour, you can calculate your approximate project cost, considering also the time and effort needed. Giving the freelancer a relative and unclear budget, for example “less than 800 Euro” could be ineffective and unattractive to acquire quality freelancers. Why? Because that can mean anything between 1-800 Euro. It is a guessing game that most freelancers are not comfortable with. Again, be as clear and realistic as possible.

8. Get acquainted with the twago terms and conditions

No work should be expected to be delivered without you clearly assigning the project to a freelancer and transferring the agreed sum first. Following twago terms and conditions will not only help you get the best understanding about the work flow and the “in-and-outs,” but it will also give you an overview of your rights, and obligations. It is essential for you to read all the twago terms and conditions, or any terms and conditions of contract agreements directly with the freelancer, to be very clear on all the rules and regulations. This can help you avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

9. Be professional and give feedback

If a freelancer sends you an offer or proposal and you decide to work with somebody else, be professional and courteous. Take the time to give feedback, so that freelancers can improved their services and offers next time or just move on to another project. Respect and professionalism should be the basis for each project. This way, if you ever come back for another project, the freelancers will remember your professionalism and seriousness and will be excited to apply for any future projects.

10. Refer to other project descriptions on twago

See what others are posting on the platform. Get inspired. To be more helpful and to get your started, the following is an example of a simple web development project description.

Develop a Web Shop for Clothing Brand

I would like a web shop developed with the purpose of selling fashion merchandise directly through my website.
Project requirements:
Design: Responsive and able to be pulled up on mobile devices
Code: HTML and CSS
Front end:
I require 5 navigation tabs:
  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact
  • My Account
The landing page should also have the following categories displayed:
  • Top Selling Items
  • New arrivals
  • Products
  • Price
  • I want the customer also be able to browse in each category.
  • I have 150 Products currently
Back end:
I require the following:
  • A shopping cart, with payment methods PayPal and Credit Card.
  • Customer registration ability
  • E-Mail and Newsletter sign up
  • Contact form
I need the web shop to interconnect with my:
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • My E-mail
  • Pinterest
Work Flow
  1. I need a graphical first draft of what you are planning to program.
  2. I will make revisions to the design as needed. After agreeing on all the points we can proceed to the next phase
  3. Check on the design and functionalities.
  4. Final draft and closing of the project


  • 3 weeks: Must be finished by 01/01/20XX
  • Budget: XYZ Euro for the entire project, including all revisions and changes.

I look forward to receiving your project proposals.  

Feel free to copy the above description for your next project on twago

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This article originated as a project posted on twago and was awarded to Manolya Rowe a freelance writer at the Alca Trust Online Agency


Manolya Rowe

Manolya Rowe is a freelance writer with a Bachelors from the University of West Florida and a Masters from Virginia college. She has written for the US Air Force Newspaper and several other weekly publications. She is also a successful freelancer on twago.


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