How to write a winning quote

Filed by team twago on August 9, 2013

When using twago to find work, it is important send quotes that are informative, engaging and make you stand out. You want to let a potential client know that you are the best choice for the job. But how? Here are a few tips to help you make the quote to land the project.

Step 1: Read the entire project description

Carefully read the project description. Does it match your skills and experiences? Do you have time to complete the project in a way that is satisfying to both yourself and the client? Does the budget seem fair for the amount of work required? If so, then go for it!

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Step 2: Double-check your twago profile

Make sure to verify the information on your twago profile. This is always important because the client will almost certainly check it. Make sure you have a strong profile and that everything has been filled in properly. If you want to make immediate improvements, you can always use our guideline for creating a great profile.

Step 3: The quote!

Now it is time to write your quote.

  • Your opening line should grab the potential client. The client will read a lot of quotes, so you must catch his/her attention within the first few seconds.
  • Start with telling who you are and explain in a few convincing words your professional talent (the client will see the rest on your profile).
  • Refer to the specific project and show that you really read the project description. That means: do not use a template! It is quite obvious when contractors do. You need to hand craft each quote.
  • The core of your quote: describe the fundamental steps and milestones that will bring the project to the final goal from your side. Show to the client that you are the right choice to successfully complete the project. Demonstrate your vision for the project.
  • If you have worked on similar projects in the past, let the client know and send links to those projects if  possible.
  • But remember: the client is not an expert! Be clear and simple in your quote. It is important to explain the steps and goals without being too technical.
  • Make clear what is included in the offer and what is not. If your quote is higher or lower than the budget, give details about the reasons. Justify your cost calculation, as no one wants to spend more without knowing why. Be clear about rates and hours.
  • Before sending your quote: proofread. This is important for every single quote. Too many grammatical mistakes or spelling errors could suggest that you might not be reliable when it comes to offering a high standard of work.
  • The first quote is not binding. Talk to the client and begin a conversation. You can also send your first proposal with questions about things that are not clear in the description.  You will be able to edit your quote and update it based on new information the potential client may give you. Make sure that everything is clear, so that if the client awards you the project, you can start immediately.

Now you are prepared to give a great quote. Go for it!


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