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What is the first thing you do when applying for a job? Naturally, you send your CV to potential employers to show them just how good you are. The same has to be done to secure clients when working as a freelancer or an agency. The Golden Rule is that clients want to be able to evaluate your professional abilities before they have any contact with you. That’s why on twago it’s so important to fill in your profile as a contractor, to ensure that you are awarded the best possible projects. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your profile stand out.

STEP 1: General Information

Log in to your twago dashboard. Go to your Profile and choose Manage my Profile, then start from the first tab.

Below your company name or your personal name, make a clear “Service Description”  and explain what you offer. A good idea is to make use of key points instead of writing one long text. The description should really focus on your main services. This is the first thing potential clients will read, so make it easy for them to understand and think, “Wow, this guy can do exactly what I need!”

The “About us” field is for you to provide a good overview of you and/or your company. This is where you have the opportunity to explain who you are. Use engaging and authoritative language to peak potential clients’ interest and show them that you are experienced in your field. Explain your vision and the way you usually work.

A company logo or photo will instantly draw attention to your profile and make you more visible. It’s best to use your company logo or a professional photo of yourself. Try to avoid using your holiday pictures or anything that may look unprofessional.

General Information

All of the remaining fields should also be filled in properly. Give as much information as possible, including your usual hourly rate.

Something that could be really important and useful to clients is adding good references and recommendations. In your profile you can import your Linkedin recommendations, so that new clients can see what valued clients and collaborators think about you. After all, word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools. It’s always a good idea to let twago clients know what other clients think about your work. Remember: after finishing your first project on twago, you will be rated by your clients directly on our platform.

Import Linkedin

STEP 2: Skills

We cannot stress enough how important the skills section of your profile is. It lets clients know what your professional skills are, the years of experience you have in each field, and the rating you give yourself for each skill. In addition, filling in your skills section correctly is also important for enabling you to receive the right automated project notifications. By completely filling in the skills section in your profile, you will always be notified of potential work that fits your job capabilities. All you have to do is leave the notification button “turned on” for each skill you have added . If you want to turn off notifications for specific skills, that is fine. This action will not remove the skill from your public profile.


STEPS 3 and 4: Languages and Certificates

If you want, you can list your language skills in the third tab. It should be noted that whenever you add a language in this field, you will start to receive notifications for each language that you have added.

When you get to the fourth tab you can insert any certificates you have received. So, if you obtained any certificates during your training or your career you can upload them here. As we said at the beginning, this is your CV, so use this opportunity to demonstrate just how good you really are.

STEP 5: Portfolio

Clients don’t just want to know who you are, what you provide, or who has been recommending you. Clients also want to see your previous work directly because your work should speak for itself. Visualize your work! We highly recommend that you upload samples of your past work and projects. It doesn’t matter if it was a project you worked on before joining twago or something you did during your time as a twago member. The important thing is that every client can see that it’s not the first time that you will have done a (great) job.

Upload your Portfolio

STEP 6: User Verification

Now that you have filled in your profile and you have demonstrated your expertise, there is only one thing missing. A final seal that certifies that what you have said about yourself is true. Just as you would like to be sure about your client’s reliability, the client is also looking for that same guarantee. If you want to have your profile certified, all you have to do is ask for the “User verification.” This allows twago to verify both your user account and the information you have provided. Building trust through your profile is not only an excellent benefit for you as a contractor, but also for your future clients.


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