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twago Products – Buy defined, fixed price services fast & easy

The next generation of twago has arrived…

Welcome to twago Products

twago Products are pre-defined products that you can buy on twago for a fixed price, such as: Logo Design, Blog Writing, Webshop/Website Setup, etc. You are able to purchase twago Products at competitive daily fixed prices, easily and without the need to write project specifications and wait for freelancers to send quotes. twago Products are provided by freelancers and agencies (contractors) registered on twago and you have the power to choose who provides your twago Product.

  • Buy pre-defined products
  • Available at a fixed daily price
  • Products are provided by best freelancers, at the best prices, in a click!

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How do I find twago Products?

Use the search bar on and select “Products“. You can also access twago Products via the navigation bar on our website, choosing “Find products“.

Or go directly to the twago Products page.

What kind of twago Products can I buy?

twago Products are available in 4 main categories: Web & Development (IT), Design, Writing & Translation and Marketing.  There are over 120 individual twago Products, with more to come in the future. Here are some examples:

Web & Development

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Design prod_image_9

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prod_image_41.1Writing & Translation

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View all twago Products 

How much are twago Products?

twago Products all come with a daily fixed price and prices can change daily.

Why a daily price? Every contractor (freelancers & agencies) who provides a product is asked to suggest a wish price and a minimum price – we take this information and calculate an official daily fixed price each night at 1am CET.

How do I buy twago Projects?

Step 1:

First, find the twago Product that you’re looking for, then simply click the green button (it will display the daily fixed price of the product).

Step 2:

You will be taken to the individual twago Product page. Here you can review the product specifications and deliverables (what you get with the product). If you want Extras, such as faster delivery, you can select them here (note: Extras are not always offered with products). To go to the checkout page, simply click the green Buy now button.

Step 3:

At the checkout page you can register on twago (if you haven’t already), add/edit your billing details and add/edit payment methods. We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal & Bank Transfer as payment methods. Once you are ready to finalize your purchase, click the Buy product now button.


What happens after I buy a twago Product?

Now it’s time to select one of the contractors who are provides the product. Depending on the product it could be 1 contractor or 100. Simply scroll through the mini-profiles and make your selection. If you would rather not choose (or you run out of time to make the selection), twago will select someone on your behalf.

What happens after I have selected someone to provide my twago Product?

A twago project will be generated between you and your chosen contractor. Communication is key, so it’s important that you and the freelancer communicate with each other to ensure that you get the exact product you want. Each project has an easy chat-like interface to ensure that you are always both on the same page.


What is the difference between a twago Product and a twago project?

With twago Products, the price, specifications and deliverables (what you get) are already defined. So there’s no need for you to post a project, write long project descriptions, or receive/review quotes from freelancers – everything is already done for you!

What are Extras?

Extras are essentially project add-ons – such as faster delivery, more revisions, drafts, etc. Extras are not always offered wit products. This depends on whether individual extras are being provided by freelancers on twago. The pricing of extras works exactly the same as the official fixed product price (a daily fixed price).

When will I receive my finished twago Product?

Each twago Product comes with a fixed delivery time. For example: 10 days = 10 “working” days. You can purchase faster delivery time (if offered as an Extra).

Have a question about twago Products that is not answered here? Contact us or add your question in the comments section below…

Browse twago Products

Please also take a moment to read twago’s General Terms and Conditions and twago Products Terms and Conditions


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