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twago safePay – Fast. Flexible. Free.

We are excited to introduce to you an all-new payment system on twago that makes it easier for Clients to pay for work and Freelancers to get paid for work.

In addition to improving twago SafePay with a new project wallet (safePay Wallet), Freelancers on twago can manage their finances easier with their very own personal wallet (twago Wallet).

Now all payments are handled on twago and by twago, meaning a secure, protected and positive payment experience for all our users.  By simplifying everything, you can now focus fully on your projects. Essentiallywe take care of the money part so you don’t have to. 

safePay Wallet (for Projects)

We believe the payment process between Client and Freelancer should always be transparent and versatile for both parties. twago safePay Wallet allows Clients to fund projects quickly and securely, with the ability to pay any Freelancer on twago in any part of the world – hassle free! Clients can now even pay Freelancers in milestones (at pre-agreed stages of the project lifecycle).

Personal twago Wallet (for Freelancers)

With the new personal twago Wallet, Freelancers are able to access and withdraw their project earnings quickly and efficiently. Getting paid for projects has never been easier! Freelancers can even use their project earnings within their personal twago Wallet to buy twago Credits.

To learn more about both wallets, read the twago safePay FAQ or scroll down for further details.

Ready for an enhanced project experience on twago?

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What this means for you

Our new payment system allows Clients and Freelancers on twago even more control over their finances and transactions, and is completely free to use, with no transaction costs! In regards to projects on twago, there are two main types of payment transactions: Project Funding and Project Payment.

Project funding: the money deposited by a Client to the project safePay Wallet

  • Every project on twago has one fully protected twago safePay Wallet
  • Deposit funds to project safePay Wallet at any point of the project lifecycle (before, during, or on completion)
  • Clients can fund projects in part, or in full. More choice. More flexibility!
  • Now possible for Clients to pay Freelancers in milestones – a popular request from our users
  • Clients can fund projects at no extra cost using Visa, Mastercard and more
  • All payments to Freelancers are done through twago. Pay any Freelancer in any corner of the world!

As a Client, if you choose to not award your project to a Freelancer, we will refund the full amount transferred to the project safePay Wallet back to you. No costs. No obligations.

Project payment: the money released from the project safePay Wallet to the Freelancer’s personal twago Wallet.

  • Every Freelancer on twago has a personal twago Wallet
  • Payments are released from project safePay Wallet to the Freelancer’s personal twago Wallet upon project completion (or at pre-agreed stages of the project lifecycle)
  • Freelancers can easily withdraw project earnings from their twago Wallet to their bank account. Any amount. Anytime!
  • All withdrawals within Europe are free (outside Europe there is a small 2.50 EUR fee)

When pre-agreed with Clients, Freelancers can now be paid at any stage of the project. For example: 50% upfront and 50% upon project delivery.

At the end of the day, time is money, and with the new twago safePay payment system you will save both time and money.

If you have any questions about our exciting new payment system, check out our special twago safePay FAQ or send us an email. We’d love to hear your feedback!


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