IT-Trends: Demand for PHP stable – Increase in Apps and Social Media Development

Filed by team twago on May 20, 2010

Berlin, May 20, 2010. The Internet is used increasingly for the allocation of IT projects. According to a study conducted by the Technical University Munich, approximately one quarter of all small and medium-sized businesses in Germany are considering to start using online intermediation platforms like over the coming months, to find professional developers and experts. In April alone, the number of projects advertised on increased 43% compared to the month prior.

Based on this data, twago analyses the latest trends regarding the demand for programming languages. The 3 most sought after programming languages in April were, like the previous month, PHP, MySQL and HTML. The object oriented language Java ranked number 4 on the list of the most requested expertise.  Flash and .Net were able to document noticeable growth in the monthly comparisons, gaining a couple of places. “We expect the demand for the standard programming languages PHP, HTML and MySQL to be at a continuously high level,” Gunnar Berning, executive director of the intermediation platform twago, explains. From the point of view of freelancers and service providers, more complex languages, such as Java, are more profitable because there are fewer programmers with adequate experience in this particular field. “This leads to distinctly higher hourly rates for Java developers as the market is narrower,” Berning adds.

More and more customers trust in the content-management-system WordPress when it comes to creating a website. It belongs to the 10 most sought after IT skills and ranks higher than its competitor Joomla.

Demands in the areas of iPhone and iPad-App development as well as the compilation of interfaces to the big social media websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are not yet ranked within the top 10 but currently document the fastest growth. “The demand for our worldwide developers of social media applications is increasing rapidly. Many enterprises want to jump on the App-bandwagon with a suitable application,” Berning explains further.

A professional Internet presence is of increasing importance for the presentation and reputation of a company. Because companies rarely have free capacities or the necessary expertise, there is a trend towards the assignment of flexible, external specialists. “We are a suitable interface for such purposes and serve as a marketplace for the allocation of projects,” Berning states.

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