Job Market: Freelancers are gaining ground – International Freelancers Day on Sep 23

Filed by team twago on September 22, 2011

Berlin, 22 September 2011. According to a study conducted by one of Berlin’s top 10 start-ups twago – the online intermediation platform for IT and design projects – the total number of providers in these fields has increased by more than 65 percent since 2010. These results are reinforced by the ratio of freelancers to non-freelancers in the twago database. The amount of freelancers increased by 31 percent in 2011, whilst the amount of companies saw a smaller growth.

“We are not surprised by that result,” Gunnar Berning, one of the founders and CEO of twago, says. “It has been clear for some time that the job market is moving further and further away from permanent employment. The modern employee is a freelancer. He or she has to be able to react flexibly to the job market. This is not possible for those permanently employed,” Berning says.

twago did not just observe this trend in Germany but worldwide. The Berlin based intermediation platform has access to 120,000 experts worldwide, a turnaround towards freelance work is visible on the entire global market.

The fact that the public is becoming more and more aware of freelancers can also be seen in the initiative for the establishment of an “International Freelancers Day”. For the second time already there will be worldwide events in regard to the topic of freelancing on 23 September. World days usually mirror the social relevance of a topic. There is, for example, the Safer Internet Day, the World Water Day, the Day against Noise, as well as the Day of Noise. Whether the International Freelancers Day will be admitted into these ranks is not yet clear.

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