Meet Lady Madonna: The World’s Only Freelance Designer “Dog”

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The latest craze to hit Japan, more specifically, the Tokyo start-up scene, is to have your company logo designed not by a top creative agency, freelance website, or designer whizz-kid, but instead by a 5 year old mini norfolk terrier named after a popular Beatles song. Meet Lady Madonna: The World’s Only Freelance Designer “Dog”

In 2015, Lady Madonna earned over 2 Million Japanese Yen, designing the following logos for emerging food delivery startups Yummy Superstar Fab OK and Pizza Lady Kingdom, not to mention popular beverage brands Thirsty! Beer! Yes! Baby! and Death Rainbow Smoothies.


YUMMY SUPERSTAR FAB OK (designed by Lady Madonna)


PIZZA LADY KINGDOM (designed by Lady Madonna)


THIRSTY! BEER! YES! BABY? (designed by Lady Madonna)


DEATH RAINBOW SMOOTHIES (designed by Lady Madonna)

According to Lady Madonna’s owner, graphic designer and lifelong Beatles fan Yoshi Nakamura, the design process is a relatively easy one. We are told that Lady Madonna makes the most crucial design choices with a simple chewy stick that she points to a colour palette on the floor and at a poster of fonts that hangs in Yoshi’s design studio in downtown Tokyo. To finish of each design, Lady Madonna adds her customary nose smudges, paw prints and the occasional paint brush splatter.

Yoshi tells us that they are both so busy with new clients, that they’re already fully booked for the remainder of 2016, but says that they will use some of Lady Madonna’s earnings to go to the USA at some point this year to see Katy Perry in concert (Lady Madonna’s most favourite person in the world).


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