Meet Davide: twago’s Quality Assurance Engineer

Filed by team twago on September 10, 2015

Meet Davide: twago’s Quality Assurance Engineer

Say “Ciao” to Davide!

Born and raised in Pescara, Italy, the 29-year-old Davide already knew that he wanted to do something with computers when he was young. When in 1997 his parents bought their first computer, he was sold. As a young freelancer he began with his tech career online.

At high school he started a special course in the area of computer science. It was also no surprise that when he graduated high school, at the age of 19, he signed up for ‘Computer Science and Automation Engineering’ at Università Politecnica Delle Marche in Ancona, Italy. He had a lot of fun during that time, since he lived together with 4 friends. Though, living together with 4 boys sometimes caused for the minor problems relating to throwing parties and cleaning.

After his bachelors he pursued his Masters in the same field of expertise. While searching for a mandatory internship, he came across twago. Though Davide’s number one hobby in the world is traveling, he had never been to Berlin. He packed his stuff and started his internship at twago, where he was offered a job soon afterwards due his hard work and positive likeable attitude. Currently he is working as a Quality Assurance Engineer, but he also performs a lot of tasks in Product Management.

“Just go freelance! In school you only study theory, but you must understand the practice” – Davide (QA Engineer @twago)

What is a QA Engineer?

Whatever gets developed at twago (new features, products, etc.), it first gets tested by Davide. He also helps the twago team with platform matters and works with the Managing Director to define and develop the company’s strategy. To have a user’s mind, insight, and an eye for detail is what he thinks is most important in his job.

Davide cares for the multicultural environment of twago and he finds cultural differences quite interesting. The friendly environment and diversity at twago HQ keeps him going. In his spare time he loves to travel and even owns a private pilot license! He is looking forward to flying over Berlin some day, and enjoy the city’s beauty from above.

“Davide is quite possibly the friendliest human on the planet and also one of the main heartbeats at twago.” – Shaun (Head of Communications @twago)

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