Meet Jochen von Nida: twago Senior Product Manager

Filed by team twago on October 21, 2014

Inside twago: a twagorian rhapsody

For 5 years, twago has been revolutionising team-work across global offices thanks to a forward-thinking platform and a dedicated community. We are proud that freelancers and clients from all around the world are able to come together and collaborate on amazing projects from conception to completion. In a nutshell, twago is the place to get projects done.

twago not only promotes international collaboration, but also diversity. We believe we offer every business the chance to be intercultural and work with a variety of people from different countries and backgrounds. Our team in the heart of Berlin is comprised of no less than 9 different nationalities, and this international environment helps us truly understand the world of work on a global (and local) level.

This is the first of a series of articles where we pull back the curtain and put the spotlight on members of our hardworking twago team – those who make everything possible. So without further ado…

Meet our latest team twago member, Jochen!

Originally from the Rhein-Main area of Germany, close to Frankfurt, Jochen von Nida (Jo) moved a lot. He has lived in Karlsruhe, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, travelled to London, New York and many more for job purposes, before he heard the call to come back to his beloved Berlin.

Jo has been working in the field of Product Management for the last 14 years, which makes him one of the more seasoned twagorians. In the 90s he started in a classic agency environment working on projects for magazines and print, before joining German internet portal as a Product Manager in 2000. In subsequent years Jo has worked his magic at web giants Yahoo! and AOL, as well as agency projects for established media clients such as SevenOne, RTL, O2 and Samsung.

From Yahoo! to twago

Looking for the next big thing, Jo heard from a twago developer he met at a Berlin swing dance class that the company was seeking an uber-experienced Senior Product Guy. Jo was aware of twago’s status as the heart of the Berlin startup scene and saw great potential in brands future. Jo was a perfect match.

As Senior Product Manager, Jo is now caretaker of the twago product. He listens closely to the stakeholders, the market and our customers, as well as his own team. He makes ‘everyone instantly comfy’ with his joyful demeanour while still keeping focus on revenue, development speed and the vision. He calls it “an advanced stage of juggling”. Fresh from his arrival at twago HQ, Jo has proved himself not only as great Senior Product Developer but as an awesome chef – specifically cookies! Currently working on twago’s hush-hush new features, he – along with his awesome team of developers – are helping establish twago as the European freelance market leader. He is also willing to capture the hearts of freelancers worldwide with amazing handmade baked-goods, whoops… we mean products.


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  1. Roel Westhoff says:

    Hello Jochen,

    Because i can’t find another way of contacting Twago (support email of question button not found??)

    I want to add a project, developed in the low-code development environment called Dataflex. The skill is essential. Problem: Dataflex is not accepted by Twago as skill.


    • team twago says:

      Hi Roel,

      Our support team are always there to help, please contact them here: support (at) twago (dot) com

      twago team

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