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Meet team twago is a series of articles where we invite you inside twago HQ and highlight one of our fantastic hardworking twagorians. Today we are featuring not one, not two, but four amazing team members who make sure that twago always speaks your language. So without further ado, meet Clara (Italy), Lara (Spain), Werner (Germany) and Johanna (France) – twago’s Content and Translation Team.


Meet Werner

The all-singing, multi-talented, scandi-loving German. 

Our newest twagorian, Werner is originally from a small village in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, and has travelled a long road before joining twago in October. After one year spent in Ghana and 3 years in Leipzig, studying Economics, he decided to move to Bergen, Norway, to take a Northern Studies class, before moving onto Berlin to pursue Scandinavian studies and Portuguese at Humboldt-University.

At twago, Werner has a passion for translations and enjoys playing around with languages. He loves working in an environment that has such an international feel, with colleagues from all over the world. Outside twago, Werner is a tenor in the Unität choir, a big fan of Christmas, loves to travel and hang out with friends at concerts, the theatre and at the movies. He is also a dab hand in the kitchen, hosting many an awesome cooking and baking session.

Werner’s Content Tip:
“Great content is short and catchy. Always keep an eye on the details. Texts should always be clear and informative: everyone has to get it, even those without prior knowledge.”

Werner’s Translation Tip:
“Be your reader and know who your reader is, think what people expect to read and know their habits of reading.”

Werner’s Favourite twagoquote:
Do or do not. There is no try.” – Master Yoda

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Meet Clara

The stylish Sardinian with an eye for detail!

Born and raised in Cagliari, Italy, Clara joined twago in August as Community Manager for Italy. An avid learner, she graduated in two different fields: Industrial and organizational psychology on one hand and Economics in Marketing & Management on the other.

At twago, she loves how diverse each week can be, where there is never a dull moment. Constantly working on improving our services and platform for the Italian market, she likes to translate articles on a wide range of subjects, also helping develop her own personal knowledge. Working at twago, she has learned to understand the preferences of the audience using insights and analytics. She especially enjoys the responsibility and autonomy she is given, and being surrounded by her friendly international colleagues. Outside twago, Clara is passionate about communication, languages and Marketing and enjoys the arts, tourism and fashion. On Sundays, she loves to cycle around Berlin checking out various vintage markets and catching old pieces of history.

Clara’s Content Tip:
“Remember: people are looking for solutions and answers to their problems, concerns and needs. Therefore, you should focus on your audience, listen to them and try to satisfy their requirements.”

Clara’s Translation tip:
“Translation is not about the words, it is about translating the voice of the author, rethinking the meaning in your native language and adapting the content for your readers.”

Clara’s Favourite twagoquote:
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” – Salvador Dalí.

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Meet Lara

The language-loving, customer-focused world-traveller. A smart cookie.

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lara has travelled all over the globe and lived in four different countries before landing at twago in September. A quick and curious learner, she is currently studying psychology for her own enrichment. Lara’s curiosity has enabled her to work in very different fields: theatre, video editing, hospitality, technical support, translations and many others.

At twago, she likes the uncomplicated startup feel, the truly interesting diverse combination of people and the fact that she gets to work in the heart of Berlin with a view of the famous tv tower (Fernseherturm). Lara specifically loves the opportunity to translate inspiring material into Spanish that teaches our audience something new every day. Outside twago, she is fascinated by language, semiotics and is not afraid to be nerdish. Lara is interested in spirituality and religion, a journey that led her to becoming a Muslim convert. Other passions include dancing, inner architecture, cooking and scenography.

Lara’s Content Tip:
“Try to make it possible to ‘put your pen where your heart is’ and produce content you are truly happy to tell people about.”

Lara’s Translation Tip:
“Do a first draft without thinking too much and without perfectionism – just let it flow. Once you are done, set the original and your translation side by side and refine your translation with thoughtful meaning for the the target language”.

Lara’s Favourite twagoquote:
“If I won’t be myself, who will?” – Alfred Hitchcock

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Meet Johanna

The unstoppable French-feline with a passion for languages.

Originally from Saint-Etienne, France, Johanna studied 3 years in Lyon, where she graduated in Modern Languages and International Relations. She lived in Edinburgh for a year where she confirmed her love for British culture and international environments.

At twago, she loves the startup atmosphere: open, international, intercultural and human. She enjoys being in charge of content from A to Z: creating, proofreading, editing, formatting, creating graphics (like the ones in this article), publishing and sharing socially. She is very pleased to have great colleagues from different backgrounds that she can also call friends. Outside twago, Johanna loves joking around, organising events with friends, travelling, eating (but not cooking), binge-watching tv shows and video skyping. She also closely follows politics and enjoys writing about intercultural and geo-political issues. She also has the spirit of a cat, constantly exploring new worlds. Meow.

Johanna’s Content Tip:
“Great content is only written when the author is dedicated to the topic. A passionate author will transform the deadliest topic into the most interesting article”

Johanna’s Translation Tip:
“Forget words, focus on the meaning. Translating is the art of rewriting a story in a language to another in unison of the original author”

Johanna’s  Favourite twagoquote:
Learning never exhausts the mind” – Leonardo da Vinci

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Thanks for reading! / grazie per averci letto / Merci de nous avoir lu ! / ¡Gracias por leernos! / Danke fürs Lesen

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