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Find the right freelancers using Interactive Project Templates!

Not all of us can be Shakespeare, Hemingway, Pinter or Lessing, who had the muse of inspiration always around. Neither are we all able to write a project description worth a Nobel Prize in Literature. Or maybe we are – but we simply don’t have enough time to do it.  We at twago have thought about you and we have designed some interactive templates for you to use. Attracting the best and most suited freelancers, these templates will help you to create the project you want.

Your step-by-step guide

Simply scroll through the image slider below or scroll further down the page for a more detailed guide.


Step 1: Create your project or job

Go to the twago homepage and click on the big green “Start your project for free” button. Yes, it’s free!

Step 2: Name your project

Sum up what your needs are. Make sure your project title is snappy and to the point. This will attract freelancers. A few examples:

  • Build an iOS App for a New Music Company
  • Write 10 English Blog Articles for Gambling Website
  • Design a Wedding Invitation
  • Build a Small Web Shop for Teenage Fashion Brand
  • ¡Los Cazafantasmas! Translate Ebook About Ghosts From English to Spanish

Step 3: Select project requirements

Here you can narrow down what exactly you are looking for by choosing a Category (e.g. Design, Web Development, Writing), then further narrowing down your previous selection by specifying the Project Type (e.g. Logo Design, Online Shop, PR Writing) and then finally selecting the required Skills* that the freelancer should have (e.g. Graphic Design, Javascript, Copywriting).

*If you’re not sure what skills to include, don’t worry, you can always contact our support team if in doubt.

Step 4: Answer interactive questions

As if by magic, some basic multiple choice questions will appear – related to the category and project type you have chosen and to help further define the requirements of the project. For example, if you choose the category “Web & Software Development” and the project type “Website” you will have to answer questions such as: Is this a new website or an existing website? Should it be designed, built or both?

Step 5: Pick a budget and review summary

Now you will need to pick a budget for the project. This is how much you are willing to pay the freelancer for their work. It could be anything up to €800, €800 – €1500, or more. That’s entirely up to you!

At this stage, you will also see a Project Summary based on the Interactive Q&A.

Step 6: Add any other information

If you want to add more details, include them here in the your description. The more descriptive you are, the closer the offers and results will be to your desires. If you have some readymade documents, brand guidelines, images or any other material, you can also upload them to the project as attachments.

Step 7: Post project and you’re done!

Finally click on the Post Project button and your project will be listed for all freelancers to see on twago. If you’ve followed all the steps above, then you’ll be receiving quality bids from our freelancers in no time!

It’s paramount that you are clear and thorough with the details of your project or job. This will ensure that freelancers fully understand the objectives of your project. In just 5 minutes you can create a project description worthy of a Nobel Prize thanks to the new interactive project templates!

Use the interactive templates for your project’s description now!

Post your project here

Here's to an incredibly successful project. Go! Go! Go!

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