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Filed by team twago on January 31, 2011

Sometimes it helps to stand out of the crowd

Since PowerPoint was invented in the 1980s, it has become the most used tool in business to present a topic, product or company. We all strive to accompany our speech with a nice visual presentation, which also acts as our guide and can be a very useful tool to include graphics, images or even figures and data that are difficult to remember by heart. Because of these facts, we have all used PowerPoint to conduct presentations in class or at work at some point in our lives.If you use it in an effective way, a slide presentation can improve your speech, offer relevant data and images to your audience and organize your train of thought. However, before you can achieve this level of success, you should first know how to use the programme. Too much information, random images or just simply repeating the words on the presentation slides during your speech, are the most common mistakes people make. Edward Tufte, professor emeritus at Yale University (U.S.A.), has showed his rejection for this kind of presentations. He even dared to indirectly blame PowerPoint for the Columbia accident. According to Tufte, the Microsoft programme reduces communication of information to a simple presentation of unlinked data and can even be misleading and hide vital information. However, despite some criticism, it is clear that PowerPoint is the most widely used tool when conducting a presentation of a product, company or business venture.

Leaving aside the typical PowerPoint presentations, we would like to show you four original ideas that some companies or individuals have used to present themselves:

Lip dub

Lip dub videos are the ultimate way to present your company. These videos are filmed in a single unedited shot and are a mix of lip synching and audio dubbing. We have seen how recently some companies, universities and other organizations have used this technique to present themselves. A good example is Connected Ventures. This American company, which works for Vimeo, CollegeHumor, Busted Tees and Defunker, created this corporate video using this technique. Filmed on the first take (according to them), they show their good office atmosphere, and due to this imaginative new method presentation the company grew in the Internet world.

Slam the door in his face

In this case, a young Spanish designer, Mario Ortega, presents his services the best way he can: by creating a funny webpage. You can slam the door in his face as many times as you like using this link, yet this link also enables you to have a look at his portfolio. He created the website so people could get to know his services and he could find a job. Even though we don’t know whether he managed to do so or not, we know for sure how much creativity and originality he possesses.

Be always positive

The product presentations from Apple, made by its co-founder, Steve Jobs and employees, are popular all over the world. They use, of course, Keynote instead of PowerPoint, but the method of showing a great amount of slides is the same. However, their success is based on the convincing and entertaining speech they offer. Carmine Gallo is the author of the book called “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience”, where he compiles some of Jobs’ tricks to make good presentations. One of them it is to use no end of positive adjectives to describe the product he is presenting. Check out this video to see what we are talking about.

Far beyond a simple slideshow

Since 2009 the world of presentations have created a dynamic tool to avoid boring linear presentations full of bullet points. It is called Prezi and it is a webpage that allows you to create presentations from a white canvas where the user adds all the elements and later bring them to life. There are already people like Jordi Adell, professor at the University Jaume I of Castellón (Spain), who have shown their rejection to this kind of tool because they consider them too distracting to the audience. However, whatever tool you use, the important thing is how you effectively present your high-quality product or company. Here, on twago, we are confident of the great quality of our services, and you can check out our two cents here.

Have you got more examples? What about your own company? We would like to know!

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